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Natural Methods to Get Rid of Spiders

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A Natural Choice for Getting Rid of Spiders?

I have spiders in the house and would like to find a way to get rid of them without calling Terminix and being talked into a monthly service that locks me into chemicals that kills everything.

Is there something else I can do? Is there some natural method to get rid of spiders?

Professional Advice on Spiders

After having a bunch of spiders around one year I did call an exterminator since our renter was getting large spiders. After careful inspection we discussed the spiders living in the house including some brown recluse which can be deadly. Lovely thought with a toddler around. He first told me to get rid of all the cardboard boxes around. Spiders love cardboard since it is a wood product and they also love wood. We did go ahead and have the apartments treated and it worked. The guarantee was if any more showed up in the following month they would retreat for free. Sure enough a couple did and they did retreat for free.

He also mentioned that the spiders don't enjoy heat which is why more come in during the summer trying to find a nice cool place to stay. They prefer bathrooms and kitchens since there is a water source nearby. I later discovered through some herbal sites that spiders do not like eucalyptus leaves. Not too hard to put some in closets and things and helps things smell good as well. After getting rid of the cardboard boxes and going to plastic bins we didn't have near the problems and did not need to retreat the house the next summer.

The Natural Solution for Getting Rid of Spiders

Adopt a cat from a local shelter! Seriously, when we had cats they were wonderful for pest control.

Window Treatment Eliminates Spiders

Wash windows inside and out with a combo of ammonia & water. When windows dry (almost automatically outdoors) go over the entire window (metal frame too, if necessary) with newspaper and kerosene. The kerosene also evaporates immediately but leaves a residue that repels spiders, flies and mosquitoes.

Get Rid of Spiders With Lady Bugs

The best way to get rid of spiders if you have many is to get the voracious bug and insect eater - the ladybug beetle. These small creatures eat close to 50 bugs a day. I have several of these small beetles in my house. I used to get rid of them, but then I discovered that I did not have any other insects or bugs. The beetles got rid of them. I also use them in my garden. They make short work of garden pests. Also remember that once you introduce ladybug beetles in your house, they will keep on coming every year. This has been my personal experience.

Environmental Answers

A chemical free way to chase away, (not kill) spiders is to place Hedge Apples or pieces of Hedge Apples wherever you see spiders. Spiders hate these things. You can not find the Hedge Apples until late summer/early fall but that is when the spiders are at their worst. Also, do not kill the Granddaddy Long Legs, they are lethal to other spiders and bugs but not to humans.

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High Tech Answer

There are plug-in devices that create a "barrier" in your walls and emit a high-pitched tone that bugs run from. They sell at Sam's Club for $20 for a package of 3; I've also seen them at Walmart.com! They work! I hate spiders and our new house was loaded with them until I got these. It took about a month to get rid of them all, but I saw an improvement almost immediately. Or, you could buy a few frogs.

Speaking From Experience

Living in Kansas, we have a horrific brown recluse spider problem and we have lots of tips for you on how to reduce the amount of spiders you see in your home.

First of all, get yourself some sticky boards (a.k.a. mouse boards or glue traps). You can find these at Walmart.com! or Home Depot. Get as many glue traps as you can and place them all around the inside walls of your home. Don't forget attic, garage, and basement areas. Be sure to avoid high traffic areas or areas where pets like to lay. We had a hilarious incident where our cat got one stuck on his nose! Not only will these glue boards trap spiders (and any other pests), but also they will help you to track where the numbers are higher.

Secondly, be sure your home is not attracting spiders in any way. Clear out unwanted vegetation away from the outside walls of your house. Ivy is a haven for spiders. Seal cracks that may be bringing them into your home. If you have a brown recluse problem, be sure and get rid of all clutter, especially paper sacks and cardboard boxes. We went to tightly covered Rubbermaid storage containers for all of our supplies stored in the basement. Do not leave bedding, towels, or clothing on the floor where spiders can crawl into them. Remember that brown recluse spiders are not web spinners; they are hunters, and they are always on the move for food.

Also, we bought one of those Pest Offense plug-in devices that you see advertised on TV. Check amazon; they have them cheaper. Supposedly these work through the wiring in your home, and we have not seen nearly as many bugs since we plugged in this device.

Also, don't get too alarmed if you are seeing web-spinning spiders. If the spiders you are seeing are not black widow spiders or brown recluse spiders, they cannot harm you. A few web spinners in your home are actually beneficial in ridding you of bugs that you don't want!

Lastly, don't be afraid to call the pros in if the problem is getting worse. We didn't want to use chemicals either, but spotting and killing 7-8 brown recluse spiders each day forced us to call in the big dogs. After two years of bi-monthly visits, our problem has gone from infestation to almost non-existent. You will never rid your house of all spiders forever, but you can at least keep them in check.

Dust Them Away

This might not be a completely natural way to get rid of spiders, but I learned this from the man who trained the spiders for the movie "Arachnophobia". Spiders have their taste buds on the tips of their legs. They also hate the taste of Lemon Pledge. Dust your window sills and doorframes with the Pledge, both inside and out, and any areas where they accumulate. The spiders will find that they don't want to live with you.

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