The stump keeps trying to grow back

Killing Stubborn Stumps

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Any suggestions as to how to get rid of a small tree trunk (about two inches in diameter) in my yard. Chopping it down does not do the trick; it just keeps growing back. Appreciate any feedback.

Epsom Salt May Work

The way to get stumps out of the yard in to pour a solution of Epsom Salt on it. It is suppose to help destroy the root of the tree.

Or Maybe Rock Salt

Just heard from a man in the tree trimming business that ice cream salt on the remains of a stump will kill it. You may have to take it all the way to the ground (or lower if you can) then put the salt on the stump and cover with dirt.

Using Copper Nails to Kill Tree Stumps

When I was young my father had some friends that had to go around killing trees for various reasons. They would drive copper nails in the trees to kill them. Hope that works.

Bacteria, Fire or Chopping Are Options

Our local farm supply store sells a product just for this. It's called Stump Remover . It contains bacteria to cause the stump to eventually rot and decay.

The old tried and true method is to chop into it repeatedly. Set it on fire and continue to add long burning items such as pieces of rubber, other wood, etc., till the stump is burned away.

If the stump is only 2 inches wide, then possibly chopping into it repeatedly (till it's nearly mush) and leaving it alone a few days. Then it could be dug up out of the ground and the nuisance gone.

No Light, No Stump

The best way that I've found to get rid of stumps (or noxious plants such as poison ivy) is to cut it back as far as you can (down to the ground if possible) and cover it with a black plastic feed store bucket. You could also use a 5-gallon paint bucket or if it's a small plant, a coffee-can. I put something heavy on the bucket to keep it from blowing off, such as a potted plant. The buckets from the feed store are generally free and you can use them to make a pond or to plant in when they have finished their job. The buckets keep light from getting to the plant, which of course, is what is making the stump re-sprout.

Effective Use of Buttermilk

My neighbor decided my small corkscrew willow was fouling up his sewage line. He was always using his "snake" to clear his line. He asked to get rid of my tree, which was less than 2 feet tall. I wanted to cry, but I was a good neighbor and said yes.

He cut it back, and his wife rubbed a mixture of buttermilk and salt to get rid of the tree entirely. It worked well. Guess what--they still have sewage troubles. He has apologized to me several times, but I have never found another corkscrew willow.

Killing Stubborn Stumps

Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) solution will kill out the tree stump. Caustic Soda should be available at any hardware/paint shop. Make a solution (1 part caustic soda + 2 parts water) and pour the solution over the tree stump. It may be necessary to apply the solution three-four times before the tree stump is completely removed.

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