How to keep neighbor dogs from using your yard as their bathroom

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Dog Repellent: No, Doggie!

I wanted to know if anyone has an answer to this problem. Many people walk their dogs in our lovely neighborhood. A few walk their dogs so that they will poop in someone else's yard instead of their own. Most carry a plastic bag to pick up the poop. However, there is usually some residue left which attracts flies. I certainly don't want my kids stepping in it either!

I've tried talking (nicely, mind you) with the dog owners about this but the offending ones have told me that it's public right of way. I wonder if there is anything I can use that's not poisonous but will deter dogs from depositing their business on my front lawn. I've tried black pepper but it didn't work.

Get a Spray

This reader needs to look for dog repellant spray at a home and garden center. I have used a formula for chipmunks and rabbits and I was very surprised at how well it works - without harming any animals, plants or the environment.

Good Fences...

I say get a fence. Back home growing up in NJ that happened a lot, even a small picket fence along just the front will keep them off. Might look very nice, too.

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Finding the Right Dog Repellant

I have 2 dogs and they are still under 2 years of age. They were constantly digging holes and tearing up the plants in my flowerbeds. Well, I tried some Grant's Dog & Cat Repellent. It works great. I have recently found a new brand that you only have to use every 10 days or after watering/rain. Grant's must be applied every 24 hours. This new one is at Target stores and is called Green Light Dog & Cat Repellant. They both work quite well. They will not harm the animals as they are meant to be used to keep strays away and to help train your own animals.

Check sale prices for Dog Repellent Sprays on Amazon.

They Hate Moth Balls

Animals don't like the odor of moth balls so place a few of them especially where other dogs have done their business to keep them from marking their territory, too. It's best if you can put the mothballs into a container that has holes so that the dogs can smell them, but where the container is too big for them to swallow. The goal is to chase them away, not to harm them.

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Ammonia Worked Great

We had great luck with ammonia. Just pour it into a spray bottle and spray it along the edge of your property. You don't have to spray in very far because as soon as the dogs get a whiff, they move on until their noses are clear of the smell. Of course, it works best when the ammonia is fresh, so if you know they are morning walkers, you may want to get out there first thing. Depending on how smart the dog is, eventually it may just walk right past your frontage. You will have to reapply, especially after rain. This will bother any creature, so use it judiciously. We also use it to keep critters out of the trash.

Reviewed February 2018

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