Got to get rid of that kitty litter smell!

Eliminating Kitty Litter Odors

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Eliminating Cat Litter Smells: Help, Please!

I was wondering if there were any ideas for deodorizing cat litter. I buy generic clumping litter and mix in a box of baking soda, but it gets to smell pretty rank from the urine concentration. I was wondering if the readers knew of anything that could make the scoopable stuff smell better without harming my kitty cat?

Wood Stove Pellets Help

We buy wood stove pellets from our local farm supply store to use as litter in our pet rabbits' litter boxes. It is very inexpensive and there is no smell! The pellets break down into sawdust when wet and are then easy to scoop out.

Strain and Deodorize

I use a strainer-type litter box that is used with clumping litter. You can get these at Wal-Mart. It "sifts" the dry litter through the little holes and exposes the clumps for easy removal. I "sift" the litter every other day and use a product called Tidy Cat Litter box deodorizer, which is sprinkled atop the litter on the days that I sift. On the days the litter is not sifted, I buy a box of carpet deodorizer (the kind you put on your carpets and vacuum back up) and sprinkle some of that on the litter and work it through with a pooper scooper. The sifter litter pans really save on buying litter all the time. I buy the store brand carpet deodorizer powder at the grocery store.

Tidy Cat works the best of any litter deodorizer I have tried. This really works. People entering my house are surprised to find out I have a cat. They say they cannot smell a litter box and the box sits in my laundry room where everyone enters my house.

Remove Clumps Daily

You've got to remove the urine clumps every day. I've been using the scoopable stuff for years and I clean the boxes (4) at least twice a day (because I have 5 cats). They never stink. I do use an enzyme odor killer on a rag and wipe around the upper part of the box now and then when they get too close to the edge.

Litter Crystals Work Great

The only thing I have found that works is the new Crystals. I think Scoop Away has a crystal now. Anyway they are 8 -10 dollars a bag; however, they last for quite a while. However, the Crystals don't absorb anything. So I mix Crystals with the cheapest clay litter I can find. I put the cheap cat litter on the bottom of the cat box to absorb urine and the crystals on top to keep the odor at a minimum. It works beautifully. If you use the scoopable, I suppose it might last even longer because you are scooping. We are trying to sell our home and I was very worried about litter box odor. The crystals are great.

A Cat's Recommendation

My human uses a product from Arm & Hammer called Cat Litter Deodorizer (or something along those lines). It comes in a tall orangey box (just like the baking soda) with a shaker on the top. This stuff works wonders on my cat box. My human only uses a little and mixes it into my litter and it really works great to kill the odors.
Give it a try.
Dusty the Cat

Food Makes a Difference

I think the odor problem of a litter box lies not with the litter itself, but with the food your cat is eating. I know this is going to sound like a commercial, but if you feed your cat(s) Iams food, there will be almost no smell because Iams is digested so well by your cat. I've learned that many other cat food brands are made with beef; whereas, Iams is made only with poultry. Logically, if a cat were on its own and had to find its own dinner, it would probably tackle a "bird" and not a cow, don't you think? So it all just makes sense that a cat should eat poultry and not huge animals!

Reviewed January 2018

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