Selling My Car

Creative Ideas?

I would like help and suggestions on how to sell a van. We are leaving the country and need to sell it. We are still paying on it - it is 3 years old. Any creative suggestions besides putting it in the paper?

Check Out CarMax

If there is a "CarMax" in your area, then you are in luck. I have sold two cars to them and it is an amazingly hassle free process. The appraisal only took about 30 minutes and they gave me a fair price.

A Picture Is Worth...

Having been in this situation myself recently, I would strongly recommend that you spend a few extra dollars and have the paper publish a photograph of the vehicle. Our local paper will take a photo of the car and run it with the ad for a few dollars more.

After running an ad with no response for two weeks, we published a photo. We received many inquiries and sold the car for our asking price in three days.

Ebay Experience

My husband and I recently sold both of our cars on eBay. You can make the eBay listing for anywhere from 3 to 10 days. Both cars went for more than a dealer offered us and both were listed and sold in 7 days.

Before we priced them we researched similar car sales prices on and in the local paper. You can set a "reserve" price in eBay so the sale does not occur if you don't get a high enough bid. The cost for the "ad" was similar to running an ad in the local paper.

One of the buyers had an inspection service (Lemonbusters) do a thorough inspection on the car he was interested in since he was in another state and couldn't do a test-drive. The other person emailed and asked for a test drive and we set it up. This was easier than any other car sale I've done, including trade ins.

Local Paper Online Sites

We have an online site for the local paper that offers free ads, and then they also print them in the paper for free. I have sold many items this way. In fact, some have gone as fast as fifteen minutes after they were placed. You might want to check your local paper and see what they have to offer.

Go Direct

When I was selling my last car, I made up a descriptive sheet, copied it and posted it all over the message boards at the local university & a grad student bought it. I would also think about your church or a friend's, laundromats, hair salons, etc, for posting locations.

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