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My husband and I are trying to make it on one income and I have found that one definite problem is clothing expense. I can find some clothes for myself at thrift shops, and can purchase clothes at Wal-Mart, Kmart, and the like, but for my husband, who is 6''6 and 350 pounds, it is very hard.

Nothing at any of the "discount" shops ever fits him, and I have yet to find anything but shoes that fit him at consignment or thrift shops. Last week, when his last pair of pants gave out, we spent $60 on a pair of jeans for him. $60! A t-shirt easily runs $18.

I was wondering if any of your readers are in this same position? Where do you go to get more reasonable "big/tall" clothes?
Thanks for any help.

Another Web Site to Check Out

There is a website for a mail-order big and tall store. Their jeans are about $35 a pair and $60 for two pairs, and their T-shirts range from $12.99 and up. There is a "clearance " page on their website, too. Here is the address:

Check sale prices for Men's Big & Tall Clothing on Amazon.

Big Sizes at JC Penney's

I have to buy tall size clothes for my 6'5" husband. I have found that the JC Penney Big & Tall catalog has some reasonable prices. I save my catalog and throughout the year I receive postcards from JC Penney on special discounts.


Cheap Big and Tall Clothing on eBay

The best place to get good deals on big men's clothing is eBay. I sell those items so I keep a fairly close watch on those categories. Not everything goes cheap but there are bargains to be found.

Deals Found at Kmart

Wow, my hubby is the exact same size. Not only does he require a 4XL shirt, it also must be a tall. We have found that the Kmart stores have shirts in that size and the Route 66 jeans they offer for $21.99 fit perfectly. They look much like Levi's. Also if you can find a Super Kmart they have a vast selection of big men's shirts, coats, etc.

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Burlington Coat Factory a Good Source for Cheap Big and Tall Clothing

A good store for big and tall men I have found is Burlington Coat Factory. They also carry underwear, sleepwear and even a good selection of shoes for all sizes. They also have a 30-day layaway plan, which is a good way to purchase big-ticket items such as coats.

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