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We have a fiberglass bathtub in our home (nearly 5 years old) that has a "textured" bottom to prevent slippage. I have been trying for some time now to be able to get the textured part as clean as I get the rest of the tub. The soap scum that I clean regularly seem to get "stuck" in the raised texture on the bottom of the tub. I've used all sorts of abrasives (that won't mar the tub), scrubby pads, cleaners, etc. I'm wondering if anyone might've had success using something or if a contractor who installs them has any ideas. I'm out of thoughts, and my "nesting urge" right now is exceptionally strong, so this is really bugging me.
Sue T.

Cleaning Tubs: Spray Bottle of Bleach Helpful

I had the same problem with my shower floor and I found that 3 parts bleach and 1 part water in a spray bottle works the best. Let it sit for a few minutes and watch the stains disappear. I too tried all kinds of bathroom cleaners on it and it did no good. It also works great on sinks. I have a white sink in my kitchen that had become stained with coffee and cola that was being dumped down the drain and it worked miracles on it.

Cleaning Tubs: Highly Recommend CLR

I have a shower stall with a textured floor that was becoming a real eyesore because I could not get the floor clean. I bought a handled cleaning brush and spray with CLR foaming product. Let the spray set for a few minutes then scrub with the brush. The CLR will also dissolve hard water build-up. The shower floor looks brand new, no scratch marks, and no grime!

Cleaning Tubs: ZAP It

My bathtub was a mess too. I could not get the stuff off the bottom no matter what! I was ready to yank it out and replace it. In a last ditch effort I bought ZAP at Costco and tried it. It was fantastic. I now have a tub that looks brand new and all the bumps on the bottom have been restored! A word of caution about the ZAP. Wear old clothes when you use it. It eats through the material of your clothes.

Cleaning Tubs: A Maintenance Worker's Recommendations

At a NAPA auto parts store get a can of Max Tar Remover. Use a soft brush, never a cleanser like Comet even if it says it isn't abrasive. Another method is good floor wax stripper which you can get it at an ACE hardware store. Put it on full strength, allow to sit 10 minutes and then flush off with hot water for 3 minutes. The easy way to get some shine back in a dull surface is a couple light coats of Future floor polish. It isn't a wax; don't use a wax.

Cleaning Tubs: Bubbles Do the Scrubbing

I asked a similar question of my niece last year and she turned me on to Scrubbing Bubbles and the stuff is great. I rarely buy name brand stuff, but this works on my bath and shower.

Cleaning Tubs: Check With the Manufacturer

We had a tub like this at our old house. The manufacture/ installer said to use a netted sponge (there is a net like plastic material attached to 1 side of the sponge) to clean the surface. Sponge can be purchased at Dollar General. He said use Soft Scrub with bleach for really bad surfaces. For weekly cleaning, he suggested baking soda & water or Comet bathroom cleaner works great.

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