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Dear NH,
I am refinishing my old double-hung windows, all of which use spring/spiral balances. The problem is I have not been able to find any company that manufactures these so I can replace them. Any suggestions or companies that do this? Thank you for your reply.
DS from Edgerton, WI

Here is a link to a company out of Cincinnati that stocks a large number of parts:

If you can't find original replacement parts, you might still be able to make a generic repair. Many lumberyards and home stores sell window track replacement kits that may work with your existing sash... if you can find the proper size.

These kits require removal of all stops, guides and, of course, the original hardware. They were originally developed to replace the pulleys and counterweights in old-fashioned double hung windows, but they can be used with most any sash or frame.

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