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Caring For Suede

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Caring for Suede

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How Do I Care for Suede?

I bought a new suede coat (from a thrift store, of course). But, I don't know how to waterproof it to keep it looking nice.

Can one of your readers help me? One of the entries under "suede" said that to care for leather, they rub petroleum jelly on leather. But, I am not sure that would work for suede. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Brush It and Spray It

I have two jackets that I have acquired the same way. I clean them well first with a stiff brush but not one that will scratch. Getting all the loose dirt out will save you time and help to keep the jacket looking good. I use the Scotchguard waterproofing and let it dry. Apply a second layer and that usually does it. There are a few suede cleaners, but I have not found one that will not stain your suede darker. If you have not paid much for the jacket you can try just about anything since most will not hurt a good quality jacket in the first place.

Check sale prices for Suede Cleaning Products on Amazon.

Just Spray with Waterproof Suede Protector

Never put petroleum jelly on any suede! It will ruin it. Go to a leather store or drug store and purchase waterproof suede protector. It works great. I suggest doing it in your garage with an open space and let it set for a couple of hours. This works great for shoes as well.

More tips on caring for suede

Name Brand Suede Protector

There is a spray that Footlocker sells called Protector TFL Team footlocker. It is made for leathers and suede. My children use it on their leather coats and I used it on my leather coat and suede shoes. It is water and stain repellent.

Protection And Waterproofing

I just researched this. There is a "Suede/Nubuck" Waterproofing Spray that can help waterproof. It needs to be reapplied though after being exposed to water. There is also a spray on cleaner for suede/nubuck. Best thing to do would be to clean or brush the suede as clean as you can, then apply the waterproofing spray following the directions on the can.

Cleaning Also Necessary

After living in North Dakota my entire life and owning a suede coat during college, I found the best way to keep it nice was to purchase a can of the suede protector spray from a leather store in the mall Wilson's). I sprayed my coat every fall after having it professionally cleaned and it worked great. I wore it for four years in college (walking everywhere in frigid temps, rain, sleet and snow!) and finally gave it away since I moved to a climate where a suede coat filled with down just wasn't a practical winter coat. The spray repels the water and stains and having it professionally cleaned every year was a must to keep it really looking nice.

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