Yes, you can find unique gifts for teens

Unique Gifts for Teens

by Patti Chadwick

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Tired of giving the same gifts year after year? Are you looking for something unique to give your teens? Check these out!

Clothes in a Bottle - A great way to wrap a clothing item for your teen is to roll it up and put it inside a mason jar. Decorate the flat part of the lid by gluing holiday fabric to it and tie with a matching ribbon. If you want to conceal the clothing, cut a large square of fabric and place it in the jar, then add the gift and lid.

Hackey-Sacks - Cut two pieces of fabric in the shape of an 8 without the holes in the center. The top of one eight should fit along the middle of the second eight. Hand-stitch the eights with right sides together, following the curves, leaving a small opening. Turn the right side out and fill with black-eyed peas or rice. Then, close the opening.

Movie Theater Tickets - You can usually buy presale movie certificates in a book at a discount price. I find this is a favorite among my teens.

Key Chain with Car Keys - Give your older teen their own set of keys to the family car along with a house key on a teen-friendly key chain. They will love this.

Gasoline Certificates - Most gas stations now cell prepaid gas cards. Get some of these for your driving teens.

Clothing Gift Cards - Instead of giving clothes that you pick out, why not give your teens gift cards from their favorite clothing store?

Video/Music Gift Cards - Give gift cards to their favorite video or music store.

Magazine Subscriptions - Buy your teens subscriptions to their favorite magazines. Girls usually like fashion or teen magazines (try Focus on the Family's Brio magazine). Boys usually like sports or video game magazines (try Focus on the Family's Breakaway magazine.)

Good Books - Buy your teen a book from their favorite genre.

Backpacks - Buy your teen a new backpack, purse, or make up bag.

Computer Software - Give your teen some new software for the computer - either educational software or a fun computer game.

Wallet - Give your teen a genuine leather wallet.

Roller Blades or Ice Skates - For your sports-minded teen, why not get a new set of roller blades or ice-skates? While you are at it, pick up a season's pass for the local ice rink.

Privileges - Most kids love getting privileges. Give out certificates good for the following:

  • Extending curfew for one evening.
  • Driving the favorite family car on a date
  • Having control of the TV or computer one evening
  • Take a date out for steaks "on the house"
  • Receive a double allowance for one week

Toiletries - Fill that Christmas stocking with much needed soaps, shampoos, hair gels and other hair products, deodorants, and acne creams.

Candy - What teen doesn't like candy? It's something you just never seem to outgrow. I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but I feel special occasions deserve good chocolate! The week before Christmas you will find great sales on candy everywhere. Also, if you like to make your own, you will find candy-making supplies at specialty stores and most local grocery stores. For those who don't like chocolate or are allergic, try making carob candy. Check out your local health food store for supplies and details.

School Supplies - Another great stocking stuffer is school supplies. About this time of year, school supplies have either run out, been lost, or are worn out. Fill that Christmas stocking with new pens, pencils, folders, notebooks, and notebook paper

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