Finding good deals on property at tax sales

Buying Property at Tax Sales

Reputable Resources for Tax Sale Buying?

Do you know of any reputable resources where a person can get involved with tax sales for property?

Tax and Auction Sales

Your local county sheriff has tax sales quite often. They are listed in the 'legalese' of your local newspapers. Do your homework and go to the courthouse and see how much tax is owed and if there are any liens against the property. Remember it takes at least a year to get a clear title on the property and if there are any improvements made during that time you could loose them.

Think about going to house and land auctions held by a local auctioneer. You can get some really good deals if you watch for auctions of deceased people. The family usually wants to settle the estate and the property can be bought at a very reasonable price. We have bought property this way with excellent results.

Look for Property on County Web Site

I just investigated the sale of Tax Sale properties in Riverside County, California. All of the information needed to learn about and participate in the bidding for properties was contained on the Riverside County Treasurer's web site, including the list of available properties. Maybe your county has a similar web site.

Helpful Site for Tax Sale Properties

Try this site:

Informative Web Site

This is the least expensive but the most informative site for tax sales in's and out's.

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