An elderly, rural couple looks for an outlet for their crafts

Selling Crafts

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Selling Crafts?

My husband and I are both on a small income and we get along just fine on it. However, if we want to do an overnight trip or eat out, we need a little more. Now, we both do some craft work that helps out. However, we live in the country and it is hard to find places to sell our things. My husband, Gayle, has been a carpenter for years and can make about anything. I make pressed flower pictures. Our things do sell, but we need to find an inexpensive way to advertise. Have any ideas?

We have tried consignment stores, but they are quite a ways away. Right now, we are making things for a farmers' market in Ankeny, which is about two hours from us. At our age, it is difficult to get things made up to go every week, so we end up going once or twice a month.
Mrs. D

Selling Crafts: A Win-Win Solution

Some of the crafty folks around here place their items for sale in restaurants. The restaurants get free decorations and perhaps a seller's commission

Selling Crafts: Try Local "Penny Saver"

I live in upstate New York and our area has several local "penny saver" newspapers. They often have "local" stories about the people and different things of interest. They can be most often found in the more rural areas and are often delivered free or picked up in some of the stores. You could try to find one in your area and see about advertising in it.

Selling Crafts: eBay is a Great Solution

eBay ( is a great solution for selling crafts or selling just about everything! I am a stay-at-home with four kids and have been selling on eBay for almost three years now for the 'extra income' needed for eating out, school supplies, camps, etc.

I first started selling items when my house was just too full. I was amazed by the response. The first items I sold were a used Thomas the Tank Engine comforter, two sets of sheets and a sleeping bag in good condition with some color fading, some pilling. Be honest in your descriptions. I sold them for double of what I paid for them and my son used the linens for four years. Well, I was hooked. I have mostly sold clothing that my family has outgrown, toys, and even new items that I've found on clearance at stores. Now, I even cruise garage sales looking for eBay items.

I typed in 'crafts' on an eBay search and thousands of items came up. Search on eBay for what you want to sell. Look at current offerings and also click on completed items to get an idea of what people have paid.

You'll need a digital camera for pictures and a scale. I use a food scale for weighing packages. USPS priority mailboxes can be ordered (1-800-222-1811) free of charge and shipped to your home free, too. Return address and priority tape can also be shipped to your home free. Gaining a good reputation as an eBay seller is must too. Perhaps start with listing 1-4 items, complete them, and accumulate positive feedback. I have over 600 positive feedbacks (no neutrals or no negatives) and many people will buy from me because of my feedback, description of product, and fast shipping time. eBay has been a help to my family over the last few years! It can be done from your home computer when you have the time. I highly recommend it!

Selling Crafts: Mail Order Companies

I live in a rural area, too. There are a few artisans here who make very good incomes by contracting with mail order companies. Go to your public library to see what companies might sell your work and contact them. I don't know what minimum they might need to offer things by mail, but one-of-a-kind pieces might do well. A friend here does well by selling her leather goods at craft fairs and festivals, which require a bit of traveling, but she makes a tidy sum.

Craft Selling Blog

It's very easy to set up your own blog. Then buy some ads with Google AdWords. For just a few dollars you're in business. You'd be surprised how easy it is to find buyers these days!

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