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Display Wicker Baskets?

Any idea on how to display a group of wicker baskets? Now that I am bed ridden, my family says my house is messy, but more than that my room is horrible and they fuss about it everyday! Please help. I have Parkinson's and I have limited income

Useful Coat Rack

To display wicker baskets at a former apartment, I mounted a 7-prong coat rack at the very top of one wall. Then used fishing line to hang all the baskets from the prongs. Each basket was hung at a different height, with several baskets hanging from each prong. Some of the baskets were hung upright so I could store things inside; others were hung so they were flat against the wall. Nails or picture hangers could just as easily be used and could result in a larger grouping encompassing the entire wall.

Multipurpose Uses for Baskets

Toward Christmas, I fill baskets with pinecones or colorful glass Christmas tree balls and set them out. You could also line a basket with a colorful napkin or even bandana and fill it with fruit or wrapped candies. I pile toys for the grandchildren and magazines in baskets. Baskets can be displayed singularly or in groups. Baskets also hold packets of sweetener at our kitchen table and tea bags in individual wrappers. I put sewing in baskets and can grab some sewing quickly when I have a moment to sit down and rest.

You might also find it helpful to look into what opportunities are available. I don't know what is available in other areas, but where we live there are a couple of places that offer "Homemaker's" for people who qualify. Homemakers are paid helpers (paid through their agencies, not by the individual) who come into the home and help people who need a bit of extra help. They do any number of things like cook, clean, and laundry. Home health aides are available through the same agencies. They help people to bath, put on their clothes, or whatever is necessary for the health and well being of the individual needing the help. A homemaker is in the home to do whatever the resident asks (within reason).

There is also a Senior Companion program that I think is through VISTA or Americorps. Senior Companions can visit with a person, or take them to lunch. I don't know what the restrictions are for what the various people can do, but for a shut in just going to do laundry can be overwhelming.

There are a lot of resources available for people, but my feeling is people are not aware of what is available. When a person, who is "shut in" and only has so much energy, can relegate some of their duties, it makes them more free to do some extras.

Handy Hanging Baskets

To keep my baskets handy but out of the way, I put a floor-to-ceiling pole in the corner and attached a chain with large links to the top. The chain came from the hardware store. You can buy exactly the length you need and if you don't like traditional metal chain, it comes in plastic in several colors. Then, I clipped plastic shower curtain rings to the handle of each basket, then through a link in the chain. When I need to use a basket, I select the one I want, unclip it, and leave the ring on the chain so I know exactly where to re-attach it. I used to keep my baskets nestled together to save space, and had to fumble around and rearrange the whole pile every time I needed one. The chain makes selection much faster and all the baskets are displayed when not in use.

Decorate the Wall Border

I have seen some people take their wicker baskets and make a wall border with them. The flat part goes flat on the wall and you can usually tack or nail it through the center to hold it up.

Starts With Sorting the Baskets

I have a few suggestions for displaying baskets. First, sort by size and color. Put like size together and stack small items that you already have into the baskets (i.e. hair ties, brush and comb into tiny buckets and books or magazines into larger buckets). I have even done this with medication in a large basket and it looked more cheerful. The key is to have them stacked in neatly, not just thrown in randomly.

If you don't have many items that need to be sorted into baskets, the similar color baskets could be stacked in each other, like those colorful Russian dolls. Or alternate basket colors when stacking together. If you have some ribbons, these could be tied around the baskets for accent colors. One great by-product that comes out of stacking like items together in a basket is that things can be easily picked up when you need them

If your family thinks your room and house are messy, enlist them to help! This could be an everyday help or a huge 'once over' cleaning for a special day, like your birthday or Mother's Day. Reward anyone who comments by telling them that they are right and could they please get started on some of that mess? You could also gently remind them that quality time with family is more important than the neatness of your room.

Check sale prices for green cleaning solutions.

Great Look For a Small Price

I have a collection of wicker baskets hanging in my kitchen. I screwed a plant hook into the ceiling, then strung brass lighting chain from it to the floor. My baskets hang from S-hooks on the chain. Looks cute, and is very economical at probably less than $5 for the whole effect. You could put several plant hooks up and hang baskets across one end of a room instead of in a corner.

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