Inexpensive ways to change color of laminate countertops

Affordable Options for Laminate Countertop Color Changes

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Inexpensive Countertop Color Change

I have laminated countertops in my bathroom. I have recently remodeled my bathroom and was wondering what would be the most inexpensive way to change the color of my countertops?

Countertop Remodeling: Sponge Painted Finish

We changed our kitchen laminate countertop by priming with a special primer for Formica and laminates. Then, I sponge painted the new finish onto the old countertop. I went through all the samples at the home improvement store until I found one I wanted to try. I took the sample to Diamond Vogel, a Midwest paint store chain, and they helped me match the colors I needed to get the same effect. It has been almost 2 years now, and it has held up very well. It has two coats of polyurethane over the paint and we haven't babied it in any way. It gets hard use and really has stood up well. To get the effect I wanted, I took a 12x12 ceiling tile and practiced on it until I got the desired look.

Countertop Remodeling: Peel and Stick Floor Tiles

You could try using the peel and stick 12x12 floor tiles. I have seen this done once before and it looked really good. There are many different types to choose from and they range from plain to very ornate designs. You can find these tiles at any of your home improvement stores.

Countertop Remodeling: The Creative Touch

I also remodeled my bathroom not long ago and we had yucky brown swirl countertops. I started by sanding them lightly and then applying three coats of enamel paint. I used high gloss for a good, deep shine. Depending on the color that you are covering up and the color you are using, you may only need two coats, but I was covering brown with white. I decided to add some decorative touches as well and I cut out portions of my wall border and placed them onto the dry counter. I then covered the cutouts and the countertop with three layers of clear polyurethane. It has lasted for several months and no scratches or marks at all in a high-use bathroom. I am thrilled with how it turned out. Good luck!

Countertop Remodeling: Achieve the Look of Granite

Recently, I painted my bathroom counter with Melamine paint. I did a base coat of a high adhesion primer and then a light green base coat of melamine. I did a sponge technique with very dark green melamine paint. It looks like granite. I wanted a gloss on the top so I did three coats of a clear coat. It looks wonderful and I've had so many people think that we had new granite counter tops put in. So far everything is wearing just great. I figured if it didn't work I'd just rip it out and put a new laminate counter in so I had nothing to lose. But, I just love my new granite counter top.

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Countertop Remodeling: Cheap and Easy to Clean

I used a white marbleized contact paper for my countertops! It has held up rather well for six years. It's an inexpensive and easy to clean solution.

Countertop Remodeling: Consider Tile

Consider tiling the counter top. Home Depot has tiling classes each weekend. Tiling is easy and creates a high-quality, long-lasting surface. Counter tiles are cheap, and often go on sale. Tools such as a tile cutter can be rented.

Countertop Remodeling: An Easy, Professional-Looking Change

There is an easy professional-looking way to change the color on your counter top. While re-doing a bathroom about five years ago, I discovered at my local home building supply super-store, that you can purchase self-adhesive countertop laminate by the linear foot. This is, essentially, the same Formica-type product already on most kitchen and bath countertops, only slightly thinner and with the adhesive substance already applied. It cuts very easily with heavy-duty shears, applies simply (don't forget the adage "measure twice, cut once"), and looks beautiful when you're finished. For the edges, you can get the same material in pre-cut widths. Roll it on, let the adhesive dry, lightly file the joining edges (top and counter edge) with a fine wood or metal file, and you end up with a nice looking counter top that looks professionally installed, and is very durable. I got my material at Home Depot, but have seen the same thing in Lowe's Building Supplies. I did the entire project in a morning, including removing and replacing the sink and fixtures. While I only used the product on the counter-tops, I don't see why it couldn't also be used to re-face the entire cabinet, or accent drawer fronts, etc.

Reviewed March 2018

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