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Bad Hare Day

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Natural Rabbit Repellent?

Does anyone know of an effective non-toxic rabbit repellent? I've been unable to find anything organic that works. Thanks!

Hair Haunts Hares

A friend of mine who used to be a hairdresser swears by human hair for a rabbit repellent. She just gathers up a bunch of hair (that she gets from her hairdresser since she isn't one anymore!) and sprinkles it around the garden. Evidently the rabbits can smell the human scent and stay away.

Natural Rabbit Repellent: Magic in Mothballs

Try mothballs. The only problem is that they do deteriorate so you have to keep putting them out but they keep the rabbit from eating my flowers.


Marigolds are the best rabbit repellent I have found. The trick is that they need to be several inches deep. Usually planting two rows side by side does it. I use marigolds with the strongest scent that I can find.

Another repellent I have used successfully is used kitty litter. The odor of cat urine seems to keep them away. When I change the litter box, I sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of the litter outside the garden. I cannot detect the odor but the rabbits (and squirrels) sure seem to!

Natural Rabbit Repellent: Feline Frenzy

Get a cat or two. Our three cats keep our garden rabbit-free.

A Win-Win Solution

Give rabbits what they want, and they won't need to go any farther into the garden. We use leaf lettuce as a border (seed packs are 10/$1 at the Dollar General Store). The rabbits are happy and well fed, and there's plenty of lettuce remaining for us. Plus we have all the other veggies that are no longer "needed" by the rabbits.

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