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How to Clean Vertical Blinds

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Help Cleaning Vertical Blinds

I have fabric vertical blinds that need cleaning. Basic dirt build-up and cat hair. Any suggestions?

Take the Blinds Outside

I put nails in the top of my fence spaced the width of my blinds - only two nails. Take the blinds down, and hang on the fence. Put some ammonia and detergent in dishpan with warm water. Use large floor type scrub brush and brush them with this sudsy mixture, and squirt off with garden hose until fully rinsed. Wait about 1 hour until mostly dry and rehang. This works faster and better than trying to clean them while still hanging in the home.

Step by Step

  • Remove the bottom chain and plates.
  • Take the blinds off the top hooks.
  • Place them on top of each other as you remove each one.
  • Place the blinds into the washing machine.
  • Fill with cold water.
  • Use light liquid soap, depending on the fabric.
  • Let them soak.
  • Use the delicate cycle for a short time while watching over it.
  • Do not use a regular cycle as this may fray the fabric.
  • Put through the spin cycle twice or as needed.
  • Hang back up to dry.

I do this once a year. My blinds look like new every time.


We have horizontal cloth wood blinds that were very yellow from age, dirt, and you name it. These blinds are very expensive. Rather than to buy new ones we decided to experiment with them. I picked up six cans of SPOT SHOT at Sam's Club to use. I removed blinds and hung them under our patio cover and sprayed the blinds both sides with the Spot Shot and waited a few minutes and then hosed them down. I let them dry a couple days and re-hung. I wasn't satisfied with the finished product as we wanted lighter color so my wife took some white latex paint and thinned it down, then washed the blinds with this thinned paint using a sponge and then let dry. We were real pleased with the results and it saved us several dollars (say around $600).

Enzyme Spray

For dirt and pet hair on vertical blinds, I use a natural enzyme spray found in the pet section of a store. Spray both sides of the blind (if they are not lined) wait a day to let dry then vacuum. I have found the enzyme sprays to work well on a lot of stains around the house. For the new vinyl vertical blinds I use the wet swifter sheets to wipe dust, dirt and grime off.

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Quick Work in the Bathtub

I mixed a solution of laundry detergent and bleach in the bathtub with hot water. Then I took 1 or 2 blinds down at a time and put them to soak. After about 10-15 minutes of soaking, I lightly scrubbed with a rag or soft brush. Then I rinsed and let them dry. In my case I brought them outside and rinsed with the garden hose.

Reviewed January 2018

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