No Cost Kids' Entertainment

by Janine Lynn

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Frugal Indoor Fun

Spring is just around the corner, so get out and enjoy, using items you have around the house and yard!

Water Play - Pull out your gum boots and find a puddle to muck around in (or fill a wading pool with water). Then, bring out the food coloring, bubble bath, whisk, funnels, ladles, water wheel, etc. to have a wild 'n wet time!

Sand Play - Hop in the sandbox and use "tools" such as sieves, empty spice shakers, toilet rolls, tin cans with one or two ends removed, plant pots, etc. to add to the fun.

Nature Scavenger Hunt - Alone or racing with a friend, see how many of the following items you can find: - tree bark, acorn, dead leaf, seed, bone, sand, insect, twig, dead grass, spider web, rock pine needle, clover, ladybug and bird.

Donut Birdfeeder - Welcome the birds back with a tasty treat! Sandwich a bagel between two plastic lids. Thread a string through the center, and tie a big knot at the bottom. Hang from a tree.

Designer Bike - It's time to pull out the old bike again. Spruce it up by tying streamers or ribbons to the handlebars or weaving them through the spokes, and by sticking colorful stickers or tape strips onto the frames and fenders. To make a clatter noise as you ride, clothespin a playing card to the rear fender brace, with the tip of the card between the spokes.

Scoop Ball - Make ball scoops by cutting two or more 1-litre (or 1 quart) plastic milk jugs in half horizontally. Toss a small ball back and forth to a partner, using only the scoop to catch and throw.

Pet Rock - Create your own pet rock by collecting a few well-shaped rocks and gluing them together. When dry, paint your new creature, and add features with markers, bits of felt or fabric, pipe cleaners, etc.

Splashy Sidewalk Paintings - Add some color to your life! Use one of your dad's large paintbrushes (or a plant mister) to create pictures on the sidewalk, using water mixed with a little paint powder, food coloring, or Kool-Aid powder.

Janine Lynn is a parent, author, and educator. Born and raised in Alberta, she is the author of Help! I'm Bored! - Over 300 Children's Activities for Ages 2-12 . She wrote this book because she wanted all of her favorite teaching ideas collaborated into one book, ready to use for any occasion!

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