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The Smelly Wood Chest

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It's Beautiful Furniture, But...

I had a beautiful old cedar chest given to me. Unfortunately, when I opened it, it smelled like mice had inhabited the chest, and left an odor of mouse excrement. I have tried airing the chest and putting in some cedar chips, but the smell persists.
Do you know of anything that can get rid of the smell?

Sanding and Murphy's Oil Soap Remove Smells

In reference to the odorous cedar chest, I would try sanding the interior and then cleaning it with Murphy's oil soap. I would advise wearing a protective mask and adequate ventilation when sanding as I have heard mice could carry an air-borne virus that is quite serious.

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Baking Soda Absorbs Odors

First, leave the chest open, so it can air out. Add a box of baking soda inside it to help absorb as much of the odor as possible. After a couple of days remove the baking soda, and lightly sand (extra fine sandpaper) the cedar. That should bring back the nice cedar smell.

Fill With Newspaper and Charcoal

Fill with crumbled newspapers and charcoal cubes---yes, the kind you cook with. Close and leave for a couple weeks. Both should absorb the odors. Repeat if needed.

Scorched Coffee Grounds

Scorched coffee grounds will eliminate just about any foul odor. Simply put some coffee grounds in a pan, moisten, then heat enough to slightly scorch. Remove immediately when the grounds begin to scorch to avoid creating a lot of smoke. Place inside the cedar chest for a while. Set the pan on a trivet or pad so the bottom of the pan does not burn or mar the wood. In general, even plain coffee grounds placed in a confined space will absorb most odors.

Another remedy is to clean the interior thoroughly, then rub down the wood with cedar oil.

Sanding and Kitty Litter

Sand the inside of the cedar chest lightly with sandpaper, then place an open bag of kitty litter inside the closed chest for several weeks. If you can place the open chest in the sun, that may help, also.

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