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Travel Insurance Review: Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

I plan to go to Europe in the early fall for one week. Do you and/or your readers recommend travel insurance and if so which? Thanks.

Travel Insurance Review: Check Out Different Plans

Absolutely! It not only covers you while you're traveling (lost luggage, delay of travel connections, illness), it covers unforeseen illness, accident, or other disaster causing you to cancel your travel plans without losing the money you've paid up front. I researched travel insurance using the search engine "" (without quotes). There are a lot of plans available. I found and ordered on the Internet a plan tailored to my needs for two weeks traveling in Germany for only $60. Compared to the thousands I spent to craft my special holiday, that money won't be lost if suddenly I can't go. I firmly believe this is an essential travel item for both peace of mind and safety, especially if you travel outside of the United States. Be frugal, not stupid.

Travel Insurance Review: You're Already Covered

I'd love to see the answers to this, too. We've been to Europe perhaps 15 times and never felt the need for travel insurance. In the one instance where a trip had to be cancelled at the last minute due to my father's death, the airline refunded our money upon presentation of the death certificate. While everyone's insurance is different, our homeowner's covers loss to items in a rental car. Our health policy covered emergencies. We would purchase the extra insurance with rental cars and, frankly, we never needed anything. For a one-week trip, I'd be tempted to forget it.

Travel Insurance Review: Travel Insurance a Good Idea

I am a travel agent and I highly recommend travel insurance to my clients. I have seen WAY TOO MANY instances arise that people having travel insurance have been eased through. I have also seen the opposite, where financially, people did not purchase insurance WISHED that they had. I sell and recommend Travel Guard International.

Travel Insurance Review: Web Site to Check On

I recommend for travel insurance reviews.

Travel Insurance Review: Travel Insurance Worked

When my husband and I went to Scotland four years ago, we purchased travel insurance. We picked up a brochure at the airport. I don't remember the company's name though. The coverage was inexpensive and provided a great peace of mind. We were also able to purchase rental car insurance through the same plan. It only added a small amount to our cost, but it was well worth it for two reasons. First, it was less than what the rental car company would have charged. Second, we had to file a claim. Our rental car had some minor damage done to it. When we turned the rental car in, we gave them the insurance information and it was taken care of. I never had to deal with anything. The only thing we had to do was file a police report for the claim to be covered.

Travel Insurance Review: Try Insure-A-Flight

I know of a company who offers a product called Insure-A-Flight. For no more than $42 you can insure your non-refundable plane tickets. So if you have a medical emergency or another acceptable delay (injury, sickness or death of you, an immediate family member, or a traveling companion or business partner, or terrorist acts) they will refund the full price of your tickets. They will also pay to fly you home if you need to cut your trip short for one of these reasons. They have other extras like baggage delay benefits and accidental death benefits, too. The company that provides Insure-A-Flight is called TravelSafe. TravelSafe also offers complete trip insurance that will cover an entire trip, if you want to insure more than just your flight. They can be found at If you're planning an expensive trip to Europe that will last more than two weeks, I think at least the $42 for Insure-A-Flight would definitely be worth it.

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