TDS readers' best tips for inexpensivly cleaning laminate floors

Readers Respond: Cleaning Laminate Floors

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Call the Avon Lady

Since I got my laminate floors in the kitchen and adjoining family room (big area) I have used Avon Bubble bath. You can use that stuff for so many things. Does a great job on chandeliers also. Just ask an Avon lady for a printout of what you can use it for. Or maybe it is on their site.

It's Not Working!

I am very confused. Our Armstrong laminate floors began to buckle and come a part. We had an inspector come and look at them. I told him all I use is water and vinegar. He advised me not to use that again. The best thing to get is a laminate floor cleaner at Home Depot. What shall I do?

Know the Trick

There is a trick to washing laminate flooring. You have to use a cellulose sponge mop. No other will do as this kind is very absorbent. You also cannot leave any water on the floor. Wring out the mop as dry as you can and sponge mop the floor. There also is nothing wrong with vinegar and water, no need to buy expensive laminate floor cleaners.

Help! I Can't Find My Cleaner

I have Pergo floors in my kitchen and dining room. I have a wonderful cleaner that I got from the company that installed the floor. That company is no longer in our town and I'm looking for this cleaner. All the bottle says is the following: specially developed for Pergo flooring, improved formula spray cleaner, Spray Limpieze, Le Spray Nettoyant, 22 Fluid Ounces, and Perstorp Flooring. Have you heard of this cleaner? Know where I can purchase it?
Dee Ann

Homemade Cleaning Solution

I use a splash of vinegar, a splash of Lysol disinfectant and plain water in a spray bottle. Then, I just spray an area, mop and let dry. My floors look great!

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