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Dear NH,
The chain has pulled out of the switch assembly on my ceiling fan. How can I repair the switch?
JY from Glenside, PA

Pull switches, as a rule, cannot be repaired. They must be replaced.

Turn off the power and open up the bottom of the fan body. If you have lights mounted under the fan, you will have to disconnect the light unit first and remove it. Then you can get to the switch.

If you need to disconnect any wires except for the switch wires, be sure to label them or draw a diagram, lest you forget how they were connected!

The switch will probably be connected to the power source and fan motor with non-removable connectors, so you will have to cut the wires. Cut them as close to the switch as possible to be sure you have enough wire to connect to the new switch. Use wire nuts of the proper size to connect the new switch, though the connectors may come with the new switch.

If you don't have a local parts dealer try ALL ABOUT FANS at faninfo.com.

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