Bleach Spot Blues

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The Problem

Can your readers help me? I accidentally got some bleach on a good denim shirt. The bleach spot is right down the front of it. It just made me sick as this was one of my favorite shirts. Is there any way I can save it other than dyeing it? I'm not sure denim dye is available.

Bleach and Stamps for a Design

A cute idea from the Carol Duvall show was to take a gel/bleach product and rubber stamp designs to make it look like you meant for the blunder to be there. Happy creating!

Fabric Paint and Flowers

I spilled bleach on a denim dress and was devastated. I searched for ideas all over until I saw new denim clothing at a craft show that had been hand painted. I bought some fabric paint and painted flowers and leaves over the spots. I even coordinated some areas with a flower that wasn't affected by bleach. I get more compliments on it than I can believe!

Denim Should Dye Well

Unfortunately, I know of no way to fix it other than dyeing it. Denim, however since it is a natural fiber (cotton), does take very well to dye in my experience. I would suggest lightly bleaching the entire shirt first to lighten the overall color. Then dye it just to try to make the color more even. I have always used Rit dye with good results. You can pick it up for two to three dollars at Wal-Mart. Follow the directions. If you are really worried about the dye taking, then you can always double the amount of dye you use. I have dyed a lot of material and as long as it's made of a natural fiber or at least a blend, it comes out well. Remember the salt. I forgot to add it one time and it hardly took at all. The very few times it didn't take, I just put it back in the washer and tried again.

Nice Handwork Helps

Depending on where the bleach mark is, you might applique something on the front or embroider over the bleached area.

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