Create Storage

by Nita Holstine

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Do you ever find a great bargain on something you always use and wish you could buy a dozen? Probably enough to last you a year. But you can't because you don't have room to keep them. Maybe you could keep them but then you wouldn't be able to find them when they were needed.

I found the perfect spot when I needed this kind of extra storage and pantry space. It had to be cool and dark, handy yet not in the way of traffic. It was the back closet. A little fall cleaning and it was easy enough to condense items. Closet organizers are wonderful, but I had a bookshelf that worked just fine and holds my many "pantry" items. Close the door and it looks like a regular closet.

Now, when we visit the local bulk and truckload specials warehouse, we buy at least enough not to make a trip again for several months. Hey, that's saving even more money!

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