Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine's Day...And Beyond

by Steven C. Smith

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This Valentine's Day and throughout the month of February, get ready to restore the passion that is so vital to keep the flame burning brightly. Whichever your current situation, don't despair. It's never too late to be romantic; nor is it too late to be romanced.

Remember, it is often the thoughtful things that are said or done that stand out the most. For example, the rose you spontaneously purchase for your date will outdo the fanciest dinner, and the love note you give will outshine nearly any activity that money can buy.

Below are several creative ideas and suggestions aimed to add romance to any dating relationship for Valentine's Day and throughout the year.

Valentine's Day Dates

  • Decorate your Valentine's dorm room, office, or bedroom with a barrage of paper hearts, balloons, and crepe paper streamers.
  • Leave a card and a heart shaped picture frame with your favorite picture of the two of you surrounded by rose petals for your Valentine to discover.
  • Buy a box of chocolates for your Valentine but remove one or two confections. In its place, leave some heart earrings or a locket to be discovered. Be sure to carefully repackage the box to avoid the appearance of tampering.
  • Write your sweetheart a love note on a sheet of pink or red construction paper. Intermittently throughout your letter, glue down candy hearts that say, "Be Mine", "I'm Yours", "True Love", etc. in places where you would otherwise write them in. Leave the card in a special place, accompanied by a vase full of flowers, for your date to discover. Your Valentine will be captivated by your creativity and charm.
  • Fill up the house with red heart-shaped balloons that you bought discount from a wholesale party store. Consider doing the same with flowers from a wholesale outlet.
  • Place handmade hearts with loving messages on them and leave them in many places for your Valentine to discover, such as in the car, briefcase, purse, and mailbox.

More Romantic Date Ideas

Looking to add a little romance to your new relationship? Or perhaps you've been in a long-term relationship and feel it's time to rekindle the sentimental and amorous moments from the early stages of your courtship. Consider one or more of the following creative dates to get the romantic juices flowing.

Sentimental Flashback Date

Step back in time to relive the advent of your relationship with the Sentimental Flashback Date. Recapture every moment of your first date. Go to the same restaurant, wear the same clothes (or similar outfits), and visit the same fun places. Play songs from that era that'll elicit warm thoughts and memories from yesteryear.

Message in the Bottle Date

Take a romantic stroll along the beach with your special someone. Stealthily reach into your backpack and remove a vintage bottle containing a poem you've written on a piece of parchment, which you've ruffled, stained, and singed the edges to give it a look of antiquity. While your date is distracted by some sea gulls, drop the bottle at the water's edge. Keeping one eye on your date and one eye on the bottle, wait patiently until your date discovers the bottle that has apparently washed up on shore. After reading the note, your date will be astonished to learn who the author of the note really is!

Poetic Date

You don't have to be Emily Dickenson or Robert Frost to give this date poetic justice. If you can say, "Roses are red, violets are blue", then troubadour or not, this date is for you!

Take your date to a creative location beaming with inspiration (on a hill beneath a shady tree overlooking a meadow, near a cliff with a spectacular view of the valley below) and write a poem to each other. Express you feelings with a romantic verse or a funny limerick. Have them calligraphied and mounted into frames so that each of you can have a special keepsake from your poetic date together.

Romancing The Snow Date

Regardless of the season, every woman loves to be romanced! In the winter season, consider the Romancing the Snow Date. Take a day trip to the local mountains for a romantic date at a ski resort area nestled amid the pristine snow-capped mountains.

Experience the charm of main street villages that provide casual, friendly, and down-to-earth hospitality. There's always a lot of "off the slope" action awaiting you. Boutiques, galleries, bistros, coffee houses, and restaurants are great places to visit.

Fireside Date

A warm, crackling fire illuminating the living room, a CD carousel set with hours of romantic background music, a platter of freshly prepared hor d'oeuvres, and a kettle of hot brewed apple cider is all you need to put this date into action.

Enjoy a splendid time of scintillating conversation. Read a favorite short story to each other. Be entertained with a friendly game of backgammon or chess. Enjoy many laughs combing through old school annuals and photo albums.

Just Dessert Date

One of the most romantic images by far is two people out on a date, sitting across a candlelit table from each, lost in great conversation at a restaurant known for its romantic charm and ambiance. As reputable as this restaurant may be for its exquisite food and fancy prices, neither of those factors pose a barrier for the smart dater on a budget.

The Just Dessert Date describes exactly what you plan to do-have just dessert. By doing this, you can still enjoy many of the benefits of being at a trendy restaurant, without breaking your budget. Stretch out your time together by mulling over all of the mouth-watering desserts

Steven C. Smith is the author of Cheap Dates: Fun, Creative, and Romantic Dates That Won't Break Your Budget (Prima Publishing ISBN: 0-7615-3414-8).

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