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Dear NH,
I read your article on drilling holes in a Corian countertop. Are you aware that if you are drilling into Corian, you are voiding the warranty? And for a homeowner to be able to have the 10-year transferable warranty, Corian has to be installed by a certified fabricator installer?
LP from Franklin Park, IL

You are partially correct. DuPont has two distinct warranties on Corian (r). One on the product itself and one on the installation. To quote their warranty as it appears online at their website <>, "Every inch of Corian (r) is backed by a 10-year limited warranty, your ultimate assurance of quality. Plus, when a DuPont Certified Fabricator/Installer installs Corian (r), the entire job is warranted for 10 years against fabrication and installation defects. In residential applications, if you decide to sell your home, Corian (r) offers a warranty that's transferable to the new owners."

As you can see, the product warranty is separate from the installation warranty. Any seams, cuts or other modifications made to the "raw" product by the homeowner do not necessarily void the warranty on the product, just on the installation.

Anyway, let's be practical. If you were to purchase a small Corian vanity top for your bathroom that did not come with faucet holes predrilled, I wish you luck finding a "certified Corian installer" to come and drill the holes! These guys and gals have their hands full with all the new homes and kitchen renovations and have little time for small jobs. Though the cost of drilling faucet holes can be as little as $20 as part of a full installation, their hourly rates can be over $80 per hour. Most skilled do-it-yourselfers would prefer to do the job themselves, warranty be damned!

I love Corian because it is tough material and is much less likely to crack or break during installation or drilling than plastic laminate. Dupont's concern is that poor do-it-yourself installations might impact on Corian's reputation. Hence they have a installer certification policy.

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