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Wedding Registries

I often find myself invited to weddings or bridal showers where the bride and groom have registered at overpriced stores. I can often find the exact item they registered for at another store for a lower price. Is there any way I can get the items I purchase at another store removed from their registry? I asked at the department store that one bride was registered at and was told that this could not be done unless I purchased the item at their store. Any suggestions on ways to get around this?

Buy, Then Return

Buy the item on the registry at the fancy store and keep the receipt handy, as you will be returning this item yourself after the wedding. Then go buy the item at a discount store (also keep that receipt). This is the one that you will then give as a present.

Make Sure to Include Receipt

I have been in that same situation. I find that most stores will not remove the item from the registry unless the bride, or registered person, notifies them. I went ahead and purchased the lower priced item; obtained a gift receipt from the store where I bought the item and made sure to include that with the gift. That way, if there are duplicates, the recipient can make an exchange or return and receive full credit for the price you paid!

It Can Be Done!

Yes, you can get around it. Tell the bride's or groom's parents what you purchased so that they may notify the proper person. For a wedding last year, I found a better deal for the china pattern than where the couple was registered and let the groom's mother know that I had purchased a place setting of the china, which included a bonus piece.

I am not sure that I like the wedding registries as they are now. The recipient can look at the registry to see what is checked off. There are no surprises anymore. When I got married, we only registered for the china, crystal, and silver pattern that we wanted.

This Works!

Read the entire registry list carefully, as they usually have a note at the bottom saying, "Forgot to tell associate this is a registry gift? Call this number or visit the website." I have done that a few times and it works.

Store Clerk was Wrong

I have a lot of friends who are getting married or having babies and they register. We have our own business and can get almost anything on their registries cheaper. I purchase the item through my own business and then call the registry company and tell them to remove the item. Some stores are a little nosier than other stores and they will ask you where you purchased it. But the store clerk is wrong, you can purchase the item elsewhere and have it taken off the registry.

The Etiquette Books Say…

Why not send the gift to the bride's home immediately, as most etiquette books will tell you to do? Carrying gifts to the wedding is creating one more problem for the families to deal with on an already overly busy day.

Mark It "Received"

I used to work for a major department store here in California. Quite often, people would hand us registries with the purchased item circled, stating that they forgot to remove the item from the registry. None of the sales associates ever questioned the customer. We just marked the item "received." Most department stores should not have a problem with removing received gifts from a registry, as it benefits them by preventing an unnecessary return later.

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