Cleaning ink out of the dryer

A Dryer Ink Disaster

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Dryer Disaster

There is ink in my dryer! I've tried hair spray, acetone, lacquer thinner, mineral spirits, alcohol, fingernail polish remover, and HBC-30. Do you know of anything else that I might try?

Advice from Crayola

The Crayola site recommends using WD-40 to remove crayon and inks.

Goo-Gone and Elbow Grease

The exact same thing happened to me! Try Goo-Gone and lots of elbow grease!

Buy Some "Cheap" Hair Spray

I did a search and found this answer at

"Cleaning and checking pockets before washing the clothes is a good practice to get into. A product called "Goo-Gone" is very good for helping clean off the mess from inside your dryer and many other surfaces as well. Alcohol is very good for cleaning ink from a dryer drum. "Cheap" hair spray is also good (cheaper hair spray has more alcohol in it)."

Oops! - Now Here's An Answer

Try "Oops!" multi-purpose remover. I use this for everything that is metal or on tile. It is too strong to use on wood.

Also, I had Easter egg dye on my wooden kitchen table and nothing was taking it off. I had given up. I was washing my windows in the kitchen with Windex and used my damp paper towel to clean up a spill on the table. Guess what? The Windex took out the stain. So that may be another option.

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Normal Dryer Use

The same thing happened to me courtesy of a pen left in a pair of trousers. I could not get it off either. What I found is that over a few months the ink came off with the normal use of the dryer. At least in my case, it did not rub off on my clothes.

Leave It to Amway

We had the same problem at one time and I used LOC, an Amway cleaner. It removed all the ballpoint pen ink.

Start Goofing Off

I had pen ink in my dryer and used Goof-Off and it came right out! You can purchase at Home Depot for around $3 or $4.

If Road Tar, Then Maybe Ink

Try Avon Skin-So-Soft. I've heard it will remove road tar from car finishes.

Reviewed February 2018

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