Lost instruction manuals

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Lost the Instruction Manual

I have a ProLock vacuum sealer that has the jar sealer attachment. I have lost the instructions and don't remember how to use the bags or the jar sealer. Also, I am not sure if the bags from the other sealers would work. I think that they must have changed names or gone out of business. I can't find them. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get an instruction booklet?

Contact the Manufacturer

I am a collector of old kitchen appliances, and quite often, they come without manuals/recipe books. I've had a lot of luck with searching the Internet by manufacturer and contacting them. This is also a good way to find if something is on recall. The manufacturers are usually more than willing to send out a booklet for free if they have it.

Try eBay

I suggest that Ellen try eBay. Everything in the world is on there, quite possibly even her needed instruction booklet. Also, she can post in the "items wanted" forum.

Never Hurts to Ask

When we bought our home several years ago, we didn't get a copy of the instructions for our programmable thermostat. I went to the manufacturer's website and sent them an e-mail explaining our situation and they mailed us a complete manual within the week, free of charge. I was afraid that they wouldn't have a copy of older instructions, but my asking paid off!
Lisa S.

A Resourceful Solution

Watch eBay. On the day I saw your question, there was a ProLock vacuum sealer for sale. Ask the seller if you could pay them to scan the instruction booklet (or the relevant parts of the booklet) and email the pages to you, or mail you a copy for a price.

More Out-of-the-Box Thinking

I have been very successful at getting instructions/manuals for several items on eBay!

If you search for a product name on eBay, you're very likely to discover that someone is selling the product for which you need instructions. It has been my experience that a quick email to the seller that explained that I owned the product but needed a copy of the instructions with an offer to pay a reasonable copy/postage fee resulted in getting instructions for several items, which are no longer marketed. One seller even faxed them to me and I had them in minutes after I sent the request.

Look for the Instruction Manual at the Library

The first place to look for information such as this is a public library. You would be amazed at the things that my library has found for me in the past. Also try the 800 # directory to see if you can get a phone number. Last, but not least, if you have the box, look to see if lists an address.

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