Persistence in Building a Home-Based Business

by Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

I've thought a lot recently about the value of persistence in building a home-based business. I had to go to the dictionary to make sure I had it right. The dictionary says that persistence is to "go on resolutely in spite of difficulties".

The word "resolutely" seems to me to have an aura about it that is not very cheerful. Starting, maintaining and building a home-based business should be fun! Call that concept "resolutely having fun."

But I've made up a list of my own that inspires me. Here's the list:

  • not giving up
  • not giving in
  • moving forward
  • shifting priorities
  • learning
  • shifting tactics
  • enthusiastic
  • good self-esteem
  • belief in purpose
  • good mental health
  • handles rejection with aplomb
  • looks to the future
  • advances towards goals on a daily basis>

Gee whiz! I've made a list of new definitions that fit me! What a good idea! Make up your own definitions of success when you don't want to fail. And you can be resolute if you wish. I am "resolutely having fun!"

Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A. helps people get back into the working world. If you're stopped in your tracks and not sure which way to go, contact her and start making progress again. Contact her for the answer to one free question.

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