Finding cute teen clothes in plus sizes at affordable prices

Plus Size Teen Fashions

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Cute Teen Plus Clothing?

My wife and I can't find clothing (in fashion) for our 13-year-old daughter. It is heart breaking to take her shopping only to find nothing fits her larger than "normal" frame. Is there anyplace to find large teen clothes?

Cute Clothing at Mervyn's

Mervyn's has very cute and in-style clothes for plus sized teens. In fact, they have their own department!

Wal-Mart for Plus Size Fashion

Walmart has a huge selection of large sizes to fit teens or others. They are attractive and reasonably priced. They seem to be very much in style.

Teens Plus Sizes at Old Navy

I have had good luck finding plus sized clothes for teens and young adults at Old Navy. They go up to a size 20 and are reasonably priced. Also Lane Bryant has some more trendy clothing, but it is more expensive.

eBay for Plus Size Teen Clothing

I am a plus sized woman and I have found that I can buy trendy clothes at a cheap price on eBay. You have to watch out for shipping and handling, so I buy more than one item from the same person if I can, and I ask them to combine shipping. Most people are more than happy to do so.

Teen Plus at Lane Bryant

Being a plus size myself, I know first hand how hard it is to find fashionable clothes that not only fit, but look good too! One of my favorite stores to shop is Lane Bryant, which is a store specifically for plus sized girls/women. They are usually in the malls, and you can find one in your area using their store locator. Even if you do not have one in your town, you can always shop their website at
Deanna in Phoenix, AZ

Sources for Plus Size Teen Clothing

The website that I enjoy searching is It is full of great information. If you click on "Plus Size Shopping," it will give you several different types of clothing categories. For young teens, click on "Teen and Young Adult." You will then reach six different catalogs. Benina & Lu, More to Hug, Size Appeal, Sydney's Closet (which has beautiful prom dresses for plus teens), and Torrid. It also includes Girlfriends LA. Girlfriends LA. is by far the best clothing catalog for young teens. I wish it was available when I was growing up.
Laurie for Teen Plus Clothes

A great resource for plus size clothing in general is online. Most specialty stores are very overpriced and I think buying directly from the company helps reduce the markup price.

One website in particular that carries plus size, trendy, current styles is The best thing about this website is the fact that they also have a "Steals and Deals" section that offers items at a fraction of their regular price.

The Right to be Stylish

Lands' End and JC Penny have very good quality clothing that will last. You can also check out for more practical things. I have found a few things at Wal-Mart just recently for plus size clothing. Hopefully, more stores will see the need for good clothing that fits our plus size kids. They have every right to be in style too.

One-of-a-Kind Plus Clothes

Sew or have a seamstress make clothes that are custom fit to her. All the pattern companies have the larger sizes in Juniors and then she can be in style and be an individual.

Teen Clothes at Kohl's

Try Kohl's Department Store. I'm not sure where you live, but if you don't have a Kohl's store near you, you can shop online at They have a great selection of Jr. clothes in sizes 15 and 17, which is just wonderful!

When girls my age (42) were growing up, Jr. sizes stopped at 13. Thanks to Kohl's for being sensitive and supportive to the needs of the larger teen. I noticed they also have size 0 and 1 for those skinny teens that prefer the fashions of the Jr. clothing versus the kid's department.

Growing up and making it through middle school with changing hormones, blossoming bodies, and fragile emotions and self-images is challenging enough. Being able to shop in the Jr. department for clothes that fit can be an inspiring boost for the self-esteem.

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Right on Target for Teens

How about Target? I love getting fun "in style" clothes at Target, and I've noticed that most of them have a plus-size section for teens!

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