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My Story: Mom's Secret Recipe

contributed by JC

My mom was a country woman and cooked from scratch all the time. Most of the time, she cooked with her own recipes. Before she went, we had a conversation and this is almost exactly as it went.

me: "Mom, I know that you are going to be around for a long time yet, but I want to be sure I have your recipe for pecan pie. You make the best pecan pie I ever tasted!"

mom: "Well, honey, first you buy a bottle of Red Karo Syrup." (it was then known as "red" and "white" not dark and light) She paused as if to give herself time to think what to say next.

me: "And?"

mom: "Turn it around and the recipe's on the back."

I was aghast! We laughed so hard! She was thoroughly amused and so was I! So, I tried again.

me: "Well, I want your recipe for your wonderful jelly!"

mom: She paused again and then hesitantly said, "Well, first you buy a box of Sure Gel."

me: (suspiciously) "And?"

mom: "Turn the box around, and the recipe's on the back! Hee hee hee!"

I laughed with her. Then she added, "But don't cut your juice too much. I don't cut my juice with nearly the water they recommend. That's the secret!"

Now that is a delicious memory! My whole family loves it and waits patiently when I tell it to someone new. I now have two cookbooks full of these wonderful "label" recipes. They are expensive books, when bought new, but they are worth the money. I bought mine at a resale shop, so they didn't cost nearly as much!

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