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Earning Quick Cash?

I need to earn some quick money, but I don't have money to start a business. Do you have any advice?

Use Your Skills to Make Quick Cash

Here are a few ideas you can try:

  1. Even adults can earn some quick money by delivering newspapers. It's not glamorous, but there are almost always routes available near your home. Early morning routes may not be convenient, but they will not interfere with your regular job.
  2. Earning extra money with apps

  3. If you have the skills, you can often find temporary work, such as painting, carpentry, or even keyboarding. Contact an agency that handles temporary jobs in your area.
  4. Other skills that can help you find part-time work quickly include writing, childcare, and retail sales. Especially before the holidays, stores are always looking for temporary, part-time workers. I've also worked at a college bookstore at the beginning of a semester, when they need extra help.
  5. It doesn't require much money to start a dog-walking business. You can print up cards or just post notices in local stores, especially groomers and veterinary clinics. Ask permission first.

The bottom line is to assess your skills and interests and then figure out who will use them in your local area. Barbara

Quick Cash for Christmas

The holidays are a great time of year to make some quick cash for little or no money invested. If you own a van, hire yourself out as a delivery person or mover. Are you artistic? Wrap gifts or make holiday decorations. Play Santa, an elf, or a reindeer. Be a personal shopper or assistant for someone who can't get out or is very busy. Businesses are looking for holiday help.
Christina, NYC

Make a little extra cash this holiday season

Door to Door for Quick Cash

There are a good number of people that are way too busy to do basic things like cut the yard, rake the leaves, clean the gutters, etc. Try going door to door, asking if you could do an odd job for a small fee. You might be surprised at the need for it.
Crystal in NH

Quick Cash Through eBay

eBay is a great way to make extra money with little to no start-up costs. I sell on eBay to take advantage of being a SAHM while helping out the family finances. I am able to sell during times when the kids are napping or after they are in bed at night!

Donate Plasma for Quick Cash

You did not say how much cash or how soon you need it, but this may work for you. You can donate Plasma, not blood, on a weekly basis. They pay you something like $25 or more on the spot, each time you donate, so you can see how this would add up. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour each time. They extract your blood, remove the plasma, and then put the blood back in. I knew many people who did this back in college for easy spending money. Call your local hospital for information on where the nearest blood bank is located.

Make some extra money by upcycling

Quick Cash Idea: Be a Ref!

If you know anything about a sport, look into becoming an official. I officiate basketball and earned an extra $3000 in two months last year. This was all from doing grade school and middle school games. In my area, you earn $15 to $30 a game for these levels of play up to $55 a game for HS Varsity. A game usually lasts about an hour and there are games every night of the week and all day long on weekends. Many times, you get paid in cash the same day.

My suggestions would be to look into basketball or soccer first. They are played year-round and start young with boys and girls. After that, I would suggest volleyball since it is also played year-round, but it is mainly still only a girl's sport in many areas. Baseball is the most expensive to do with the initial costs of the protective equipment.

I do this part time only, but there are others who make more than $12,000 a year from basketball alone, officiating every day of the week.

Earn Cash by Pet Sitting

If a person likes animals, has pets, and is known as a responsible and thoughtful pet owner, many times their veterinarian might recommend them for pet sitting for those who do not wish to kennel their animals. However, a person must be absolutely dependable and responsible. Not only are they taking care of the pets, but they are also taking care of the home and grounds as well. Plus, they are representing the reputation of the vet who recommended them! (One must be able to drive to do this, and be able to handle morning hours.)

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Clean Houses for Cash

Just run an ad for cleaning houses in the local newspaper or use a bulletin board. You can clean a home in about three to four hours. It is easy and gives you fast cash. Just be sure to clean the kitchen and bathrooms, and then dust and vacuum. Don't be afraid of it. Just do your best. I usually don't clean inside of the refrigerator or the ovens unless asked to do so. Use their supplies and charge about $12 to $15 an hour.

Temporary Jobs for Quick Cash

I'm a SAHM now, but I used to work in the front office of a dental office. Every couple weeks, I get a telephone call, asking if I could help out in an office. It may be for a week or just a day or two, filling in for someone who's on vacation or needing a day off. Networking with people in your prior (or current) employment field will get your name around. Many businesses are in need of help, but don't want to commit to a permanent employee.

3 Quick Cash Ideas

  • Have a garage sale
  • Sell a marketable skill to friends or family members, such as housecleaning, cooking, babysitting, massages, lawn care, snow removal, and gardening. People are willing to pay for these services.
  • Sign up with market-research firms to participate in focus groups. You can sometimes earn $50 or more just by spending an hour to tell a company what you think of their product. Plus, it's fun!

Tonya S.

Try Multiple Income Streams

  1. When we were low on cash, I used to go around collecting aluminum cans and other scrap metal and turning them in at the scrap yard for cash. Cans are easily found in parks, along roads, at highway truck/rest stops, and under or around the bleachers at sports fields. Sometimes soda drinking friends will even set their cans aside for you, if you ask.

    We would get about a dollar for every three pounds (prices per pound vary at different times of year and in different areas). If there is a nicer neighborhood nearby, try checking the prices at their scrap yard. They may pay more than one in a lower or middle class area because there is more of a demand for aluminum there. While you're there, pick up a list of the other metals they purchase, as well.
  2. Don't neglect "treasure hunting" on garbage day! Neighbors throw out some of the neatest things, many just because they grew tired of them. We made over a thousand dollars last year, just eBaying and yard-saleing other people's trash! We brought it home, cleaned it up and sold or pawned it at a pawn shop. This can be done in almost any area, but again, nicer neighborhoods often throw out nicer stuff in better condition "because they can." Metal can also be picked up this way, and scrapped as mentioned above.
  3. The weekly "sales papers" that show up in your driveway (whether or not you subscribe) often hire delivery people, some even still deliver on foot! Pick one up out of your driveway and call the printer to find out!
  4. Better yet, contact any paper carriers in your area (you may use an ad card on a bulletin board, if need be) to drop off extra newspapers at your house (or offer to collect them). Then, check under "paper recycling" or "scrap" in your local phone book to find a place where you can be paid $1 or more per 10 pounds.
  5. Speaking of phone books, many phone companies pay individuals money to deliver phone books in the spring and summer months. Try Verizon, Sprint, or Yellow Book for about 8 cents a book (deliver about 1,000 or more in a trip), and see how many routes you may deliver.
  6. Those free real estate, auto, employment, and local papers you see in boxes on street corners often hire weekly or monthly delivery people. I helped deliver an Auto Trader (Trader Publications-not a free publication) route for a while and there was no investment required.
  7. You may also consider bringing old clothes to a consignment shop or selling books on eBay or at used book stores. Places like Goodwill or Salvation Army shops will give you a receipt for a tax write-off if you make a decent donation of clothing or housewares.
  8. Nearby libraries often raise money with used book sale carts where you can purchase books in good condition for a dollar or less. We have done this and then sold the books on eBay, Halfdot, and at used book stores. Some text books we sold on halfdot brought in over twenty dollars a piece! This benefits your wallet and your local library!


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