What is the best way to clean brass fireplace trim?

How to Clean Brass Fireplace Trim

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Cleaning Brass Fireplace Trim

Do you have a suggestion for cleaning the brass trim around a glass door on a fireplace insert? I have used a cleaner made by Whisk, but it doesn't work well.
Danette H.

Lemon and Salt to Clean Brass Trim

Lemon juice and salt will clean most brass. Dip half a lemon into ordinary table salt and rub directly onto the area that needs cleaning. Alternatively, mix lemon juice and salt into a paste and rub onto the area with a cloth. For both options, the area will need to be wiped over with a damp cloth followed by a clean dry cloth to buff the shine up.

Bar Keeper's Friend Cleans Fireplace Trim

I have found that a product called Bar Keeper's Friend is the best! Recommended by a friend to clean my copper bottom pans, it's great for my brass things as well. You'll find it in the cleanser section of your grocery store. It's a cleanser, but it's not abrasive.
Bobbi in Olympia, WA

Answer for Cleaning Fireplace Brass Is in Your Refrigerator

The ladies that clean for the "How Clean Is Your House" show recommend Worcestershire sauce for cleaning brass.
Crystal in NH

Unusual Brass Trim Cleaner

Any kind of toothpaste is an excellent brass cleaner and silver polish, too!

Fireplace Trim Cleaned With Ketchup

Try plain ketchup. Put it on an old towel and wipe trim down. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse with a clean towel. It's cheap and easy!

Check sale prices for Copper and Brass Cleaner's on Amazon.

Fireplace Brass Trim Twinkles

A polishing creme named Twinkle is the answer to this person's predicament. It's a product that actually does what it claims it will do! We have a copper coffee table that tarnishes quickly. Twinkle polishes it (and brass) so it looks like new and with minimal effort and mess. You just wipe the creme on with the enclosed applicator sponge and then wipe it off with a cloth dampened with hot water. I found Twinkle in the cleaning supplies section at our local grocery store.

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This Brass Cleaner is Awesome!

There is an awesome product by Stanley Home Products. It is called Copper and Brass Cleaner. It is a liquid cleaner, so you can put it on a cloth and rub it on. Then take a damp clean cloth and rub it off. Dry it with another clean cloth. This cleaner is wonderful for anything brass or copper and it keeps the item clean longer than any cleaner I have ever known. You can locate a local dealer in the phone book or on their website ShopStanley.com.

My mother does this to her brass front door handle about once a year and then sprays a clear lacquer on it afterward and it looks new again for months. On the fireplace door, I recommend taking it off if you can and then cover the glass with paper that is attached with masking tape. Spray it with the lacquer after cleaning it and then replace it.
Zelime of Fort Dix, NJ

Reviewed January 2018

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