February Memories

by Tina Shake

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February brings back many memories, and the best ones were the childhood memories. I remember making special Valentine containers to be affixed to our classroom desks, awaiting those special Valentine cards from classmates. The girls were daydreaming of Prince Charming and the boys were just looking for the candy hearts.

In this day and age, Valentine's Day has emerged a huge commercial holiday, netting big bucks for the card companies, candy companies and various retailers. I say "bah humbug" to this notion. Why not give from your heart and save the cash in your wallet? These types of gifts can mean much more than the proverbial candy box and greeting card trophies.

Here is what I want for Valentine's Day. I want my big honey bun to come home early from work one day and clean the house. He could take that handy little putty knife and scrape off the "already been chewed" gum from underneath the dining room table. He could do the laundry, taking care to fold my size 54 bloomers just right.

He could take out the trash! I get tired of that 55 gallon can sitting in the middle of my living room plum full. This would free up valuable time, so we could spend it together. We could go out to the porch swing and talk about old times. We could laugh over the good old days, when little Hughie was training his chicken to sit on the riding lawn mower.

I want my husband to sneak in the house before I come home from work and tape up signs over the whole house professing his love. I want him to write "I love my little possum pie" or "I love you more than my truck."

If my husband would do those things for me, I would get a huge posterboard and write a romantic poem to him on it and display it in our front yard. It could say:

I love you enough to give you a kiss,
In the yard, on the old sofa, it would be bliss.
I love you enough to wash your old Ford,
Even after you spent all day being bored.

If you want to use my poem, just let me know.

If I could cook, I would make you a Valentine breakfast. I would make flap jacks and cut out Valentine shapes with those old cookie cutters that are somewhere in the junk drawer. I would even wash them first.

I would run to the local convenience store and buy some strawberry milk flavoring out of my laundry day change jar. I would flavor your milk and put it in your favorite mason jar. I would go to the restaurant and order a soft drink just so I could bring you home a new straw for your mason jar.

I could even decorate the house before you got up. I would search through my disaster closet and find my rusty old scissors and cut out Valentine shapes. I would then put them into clear balloons. I would then inflate the balloons in between my puffs of my oxygen tank. I would then tape them throughout the house, so you could see how much I love you.

I would prove my love by letting you build that beer can mural that you have been bothering me about, or we could make a new entertainment center out of them. I have been wanting an entertainment center for a long time.

I could take an old sheet and drape it over the clothes line. I could take a spray paint can and write I love you on it. I would tell you to go get my sheet from the line, and then you would be so surprised.

I would even get all your laundry done so you can wear matching socks this week. Or we could just tell each other that we love each other and not spend a dime.

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