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Homemade Shaving Cream Alternatives

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Homemade Shaving Cream?

Does anyone have a homemade shaving cream recipe? Seems like both guys and girls could benefit from a cheaper alternative.

Homemade Shaving Cream Alternative

A frugal and more environmentally friendly, although not homemade, alternative to canned shaving cream is a cake of old-fashioned shaving soap and a shaving brush. The brush will cost about $6 to $8, but it will last for years. Any mug will do to hold the soap, which costs about $1 and lasts a long time. My husband switched to shaving soap back in the 70s and just replaced his first shaving brush a few years ago. He loves the warm soap and swears by it for giving him a close shave.

Shaving With Hand Lotion

I like to use regular hand lotion when I shave. It lubricates and moisturizes my face. Occasionally, I'll use a skin conditioning lotion that contains the fragrance of my favorite cologne.

If you prefer the soapy lather, you can simply work up a lather in your hands using regular bar soap and hot water. Soaps like Dove that contain lotion are particularly nice.

Cheap Shaving Lotion

I've found cheap (Dollar Store) glycerin soap to be the best, although not homemade. A bar lasts much longer than a can of shave cream. It makes even cheap razors glide really well, and also seems to help them clean better and last longer. I have a soft, fine beard that's not hard to cut, but is difficult to cut well, as the soft hairs don't stand up well for the razor. I don't know how well this works for tougher or coarser beards.

Baby Shampoo for Shaving Cream

A great product for women and girls to use when shaving their legs is baby shampoo. It also works well for washing your face because it can remove eye makeup but does not sting the eyes. The generic brands are very inexpensive.

Shaving Oil

When I shave my legs, I use baby oil instead of shaving cream. It works great and I get my legs moisturized at the same time.

Conditioner for Cream

We use hair conditioner. It softens the hair, so it cuts easily. It also softens the skin, so there is no tenderness after shaving!

Equate Shaving Cream

Buy the Equate shaving cream at Wal-Mart. It is only 97 cents and it lasts forever! It works really well too! It's all we use around our house!

Reviewed May 2017

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