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by Linda Gray

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Cosmetics and medicinal products have been made from herbs for many years, but beauty and well being don't have to come out of a bottle.

Getting out in the garden, yours or a green fingered friend's, will bring a glow to the skin and fresh air in the lungs. Instant feel-good.

Take a look around at herbs in their natural state, before they become creams and potions and lotions. Not only are they pleasant to look at, but also their scents can evoke memories, emotions and appetite!

Here are seven handy everyday herbs to make you look good and feel good, and best of all, you don't have to part with a penny!

Coriander: Aids digestion. Add a few chopped fresh leaves to spice up any meal and you won't suffer with indigestion.

Basil: Put a few leaves in a muslin bag under the hot tap to produce an invigorating bath!

Thyme: An infusion of thyme will help soothe coughs and colds and even hangovers.

Parsley: It is loaded with vitamin C and will help promote healthy skin. Add parsley to any meal. It also helps freshen the breath.

Sage: Helps with the miseries of PMS and menopause. A small glassful of sage tea taken for a few days before a period will soon put a stop to those moodies!

Lavender: Crush a few leaves to release the scent and all fuzzy headaches magically fade away. A sprig or two in a clothes drawer will add freshness to your undies!

Borage: The herb of courage! Research suggests that borage works directly on the adrenal gland, where courage begins! Rich in mineral salts, borage is useful to add to salt-free diets.

Try growing these seven everyday herbs yourself. Most will successfully grow in pots on a sunny windowsill if no outside space is available. And remember to use them! Herbs like to be picked and will often fade away if not cared for properly. They will repay you ten times over, with zest in your diet and natural medicines for your family.

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