My Story: How I Got My Hair Back

contributed by Twyla in Texas

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As a 40-year-old mom, I was loosing hair at such an alarming rate that my daughters were exclaiming in horror at my ever-thinning coiffure. The thyroid medication I was on was not helping it grow back at all. I was crying over the wads of hair coming out in my brush everyday, and it was taking more and more teasing and fluffing of what hair I had left to make it look as though I had hair. In desperation, I asked my doctor what to do, and he suggested Minoxydil. Well, Minoxydil is very expensive, and you have to use it all the time for it to work.

I had almost given up and decided on a hairpiece when I decided to do some research to help myself. Here is how I solved my problem. First, I got my hair cut shorter, so as to put less stress on the hair when brushing it out. Then, in a book on Reflexology, I learned that hair growth could sometimes be stimulated by vigorous scalp massage (to get blood circulating in the scalp). While researching herbs and hair, I learned that Rosemary is an activating, invigorating herb, and the essential oil can be used to stimulate hair growth.

Willing to try anything, I immediately went to my health food store and bought a bottle of Rosemary essential oil for $12. Every time I shampooed my hair, before drying, I would immediately massage several drops of Rosemary essential oil into my scalp with my fingertips (not my fingernails) for one full minute. It smelled great and left my scalp tingling with a delicious, cool feeling. Sometimes, I would massage some of the oil in between shampoos because it felt and smelled so good. It is very light and does not leave the hair feeling greasy.

After about four months, I was fixing my hair at my dressing table and just happened to notice all this new hair growth, about 1/2 inch long! I suddenly realized that my brush hadn't been nearly so loaded with dead hair lately either. I was very excited. It has now been two years since my "discovery" of Rosemary oil. I still massage it into my scalp after every shampoo. I don't know if it's the scalp massage, the oil, or a combination, but it sure worked for me. And that $12 bottle of oil lasted me for almost a full year, which certainly is a far better bargain than a year's supply of Minoxydil. Although not as thick and lush as it was at age 20, I am now receiving compliments again on my hair, which is a miracle for a woman who thought she was going bald two years ago!

Pregnant women should avoid Rosemary. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to mix your Rosemary essential oil with Jojoba oil (jojoba is also supposed to be beneficial for hair) before putting it on your scalp. Essential oils can be irritating to the skin of some people, so try a patch test before slathering it on! To be absolutely safe, consult with your doctor before trying new treatments. I hope this works for you as well as it did for me. Just remember that you won't notice the results for a few months, so be persistent and don't give up!

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