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Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover

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Looking for an Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover

I have a dilemma. In my bathroom, the sink, toilet, and bathtub/shower are a light peach color, which is so hard to match with anything. The colors I have as the theme are mint green and peach. These have been the colors of the bathroom for years and it definitely needs some sort of trendy makeover. We created the bathroom back in the early 80s when this was the style. I also have older tile on the floor and around the shower and the walls that is light peach in color. Do you have any advise on how I can spruce up my 20-year-old bathroom look?

Make Over Bathroom With Paint

Porcelain paint is a great way to spruce up tired, out-dated porcelain (tubs and sinks). You can buy porcelain paint at home centers, and one kit goes for about $20. The colors are limited to white and off-white, from what I've seen. One kit provides enough to do three coats (this is recommended) on a normal-sized bath tub. Make sure you carefully sand all surfaces you intend to paint, otherwise the paint doesn't adhere very well. This is definitely a cost-effective alternative to replacing these fixtures! I have not tried painting a toilet, however.

Make Bath Color Scheme Look "Intentional"

This is one of my favorite decorating questions. The trick to updating a room with outdated colors is to make them look like they were purchased "intentionally." The easiest way to do this is to use a wallpaper or fabric with some of the peach in it. You can even go to one of the wallpaper companies online and search for the color "peach." I found some beautiful papers there. If you don't want to use wallpaper, look for a border and/or a fabric for the window treatments and shower curtain, and paint the walls to coordinate with them. Find accents using other colors in the paper and/or fabric for the soap dish, toothbrush holder, etc. When people look at the room, the peach will just seem to blend with the overall look. Use colors that are appropriate with the rest of your house, and it will look as if you bought the peach fixtures "on purpose" to go with the wallpaper and/or fabric.

I once worked with a decorator, who taught me a lot about this. Her mother's kitchen was a very dated "Harvest Gold." Rather than spending the money to replace the appliances and countertops, she turned it into a very beautiful and very current blue and yellow kitchen. Hope this helps.

A Color Wheel for Your Bathroom Makeover

First look at a color wheel and get some ideas for the ways you can mix colors together.

I had a very ugly front bathroom that we are in the process of changing. All the fixtures were in blue, and not the same blue! First, I covered the bathtub blue with a shower curtain I liked. We did buy a new toilet because it was inexpensive and the old one used a lot of water. We got white. The vanity is painted and we bought a floor model sink to replace the old one. We won't change out the tub, but with it covered by the curtain, it doesn't matter (if you have glass doors, you can put a curtain in front of them too!).

I have thought of getting the tub paint from the hardware store and just using it on the parts of the tub that show past the curtain. I'm not sure about using paint on an entire tub. I just don't trust it.

Peach is a nice color that can go with a lot of colors. You'll find something you like. I'm going to do my bedroom in peach and white to get a cottage look! Go to the paint store and grab all the paint colors and just start laying them out on the tub. You'll be surprised at what looks good together!

French Toile Bathroom Makeover

French Toile fabric is a classic that has recently become very easy to find in many colors, including peach! If you can't find the peach, try the bold black and cream toile mixed with a peach stripe fabric, or the sage green toile. A little goes a long way so focus on the shower curtain and window treatment. Use solid rugs.

Visit HGTV.com for Bathroom Makeover Ideas

The best advice I can give you for this problem is to go to HGTV.com. They give really great ideas on how to decorate or remodel the various rooms in your house. And the best part is they have ideas for every budget. You don't need thousands of dollars to redecorate your bathroom. They have one show that shows you how to redo a room for $500 or less. You sure can't beat that price. My husband and I are planning on doing little things around our house so we can sell it when he retires and we have gotten some great ideas just from watching HGTV. You will be surprised what just a coat of paint can do for a room especially when you do some of the faux finishes. They have an Interactive Library that shows you step-by-step just how to do things so you can't go wrong. I highly recommend it for any one looking to change the look of a room in their house.
Terry H.

Pair with the "In" Colors

I was recently watching a decorating show that said the best way to update a bathroom with colored fixtures is to use the "in" colors. They gave two prime examples. For those with pink fixtures, the "in" color to mix with it for a fresh, modern look was chocolate brown (they said to use gray if you have yellow fixtures). I am thinking that chocolate brown with peach would work just as well as it does with pink! Change out anything you can without replacing your fixtures, such as rugs and contours, towels and shower curtain, and add a fresh coat of paint!

Follow What's Pleasing to Your Eye

Why not try a plaid containing all the colors in the bathroom? Plaid is very much in style and the colors offset each other so they don't have to match exactly. Since peach is also close to terra cotta, you could also introduce a garden theme accenting with pots and flowers containing your color scheme. Remember, nothing in nature clashes. Just follow what is pleasing to your eye!

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Several Bathroom Makeover Suggestions

It sounds like the peach is here to stay; I can't tell about the mint. Nor can I tell what kind of style you would like, but here are some suggestions.

The cheapest things to change are the wall paint, the shower curtain, the rugs, and the towels. You can change these all to white or find another color that goes with the two colors you have already.

If you like a cottage garden look, you could make or buy some of those wreaths made from vines or fake ivy and add some tiny flowers in peach, yellow, white, pink, lavender, or whatever you like. You can paint tiny flowers along the ceiling, the top of any wainscoting, or around door frames.

These colors could also work with a southwestern decor. Get some paintings of pottery, cow skulls, or gourds and hang them up, or put these actual items on a shelf somewhere. Use a Native American blanket in conjunction with a shower curtain liner to really change the look.

For more ideas, look into wallpaper borders. You may be able to find one with just a hint of peach plus some other color you really like to tie things together. (I did this in my kitchen, which had way too much orange in it. Now it looks like a black and white kitchen with orange trim.)

Another idea is to paint your ceiling mint green and then paint clouds on it. Just white cartoon clouds would look fine, or if you know someone artistic, you could go for some sort of sunset look.

Finally, I have a warning. I read a story about someone who thought his bathtub, toilet, and sink were pink, but really they only looked pink because of all the other pink in the room. He only found this out when he took the smashed pieces outside to get rid of them. So make sure you actually don't want something before getting rid of it.

Decorate Bathroom to the Season

I think peach and mint are great for spring. For autumn, I suggest combining the peach with rust and gold, and accenting with a touch of deep green. In the summer, use the "fruits of summer" for inspiration. Choose a fruit theme that includes apricots or peaches (depending on the color of the bathroom) and work with the colors in the picture, figurine or shower curtain that you like. When winter comes, throw a washable rug in a deep moss green on the floor, carry over the gold from autumn, and use the peach as your accent.

Changing your shower curtain and towels helps prevent boredom and mildew, and you don't have to do a bathroom "remodel." Just take a seasonal trip to a few garage sales for accent pieces, and a warehouse or discount store for the rest.
Mary Jane of Juneau, Alaska

From Tired Bathroom to Trendy Mediterranean Retreat

You can have a trendy new Mediterranean retreat by eliminating the mint green and adding dark burgundy, rust, tan, gold and brown in paisley. Paint your walls a rusty burgundy and accent with inexpensive import carved wood and brass items and lots of candles. All of these items can be found very reasonably new or "dirt cheap" at thrift stores!

Paint Bathroom Terra Cotta

I certainly can understand this dilemma since the fixtures in the bathroom of my first home were Pepto Bismol pink! You could paint your walls a Terra Cotta color for a more up-to-date look. I think that the Terra Cotta color would look nice with the peach fixtures. You could also add a large area rug in the color you desire to cover up the tiles on the floor. You could sew a shower curtain large enough and leave it closed to hide the tiles in the shower.

For Your Bathroom Makeover, Think Tropical!

I don't know what your personal tastes might be, but I personally would love to have your light peach fixtures! I would get into a tropical frame of mind and then begin accessorizing with tropical green plants. If your climate won't support ferns and palms, use silk. I would get rid of the mint and go with stronger colors. Tropical colors include peach, purples, turquoise, teal, aquamarine, periwinkle, fushia, and blue and green colors of the ocean and sky. Oranges, reds, rust, brick are colors that go with it also. Tropical grass floor mats are a nice change, too. Or in the winter, for warmth, try throw rugs in the tropical colors. Wish I were there to do it for you!

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