My Story: Resealable Bags

contributed by Elohisa

I use resealable bags of different sizes to pack my clothes when travelling. This way, I can find what I need without making a mess inside my suitcase, and the security people don't have difficulty "searching" for the weapons I am not carrying. I have even been complimented once or twice. I must add that I press the air out of the bags and I can store volumes of things this way.

I decided to use resealable bags of appropriate size (in this case two gallon) in an "under the bed" container where I throw all my dark pantyhose, long johns, bras and slips. This used to become a dark jungle when I was looking for something. Not any more. Now my things are inside labeled resealable bags.

Suddenly, a thought came to me. I can put a 1.5-gallon bag inside hanging files instead of manila folders. By doing this, I can get my papers faster when I am looking for something. It works great. I can see what I need faster and retrieve it without having the rest of the manila folder contents spread all over every time I open it.

I save the bags that newspapers come in and use them to put shoe(s) in them. They are thin enough for a pair of sandals or nice dressy heels. During the winter, the bag acts as a shoe sock to one big shoe

I save the plastic covers that come with new blankets, down comforters, etc. and use them to store other items. I especially like the fact that they have a zipper.

I am messy, and this has really made a big difference.

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