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Dear NH,
We're building a butcher block rolling cabinet and would like to know if yellow pine is okay to use. I've been reading that maple is the best. However, we were given a huge piece of yellow pine, so being able to use this will save quite a bit of money. Unfortunately, we do not know what type of glue was used on it, so that is another factor to consider. We have done everything and are ready to apply the oil, so I hope all of our work has not been a waste of time
LS from Allen, TX

Yellow pine is relatively soft when compared to maple. That's why it is not the first choice for cutting boards or countertops. It gets cut, dented and dinged more easily. However, if you promise not to use it as a cutting board, it should offer serviceable use for many years. If it starts looking bad, you can easily sand the top down, re-oil it and it's restored to like-new condition!

The glue is irrelevant, since you will not be eating it or preparing food directly on it. Virtually all wood-type glues, once dry, are inert and not considered a health hazard. Once you apply the cutting board oil, you'll be fine.

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