Great Ways To Give Gifts

by Michael Webb

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It is amazing how much thought someone will give into picking out the perfect present yet uses very little imagination on how to give it. In many ways, the presentation of a gift is just as important as the item itself. Imagine buying someone a gold ring and leaving it on the kitchen counter with a note that says "thought you might like this." Or contrast that with the gift of a ring hidden inside a rosebud that will "magically" appear as the rose blossoms in the sunlight.

The next time you are giving a gift, consider presenting it in a creative or meaningful way. I will give a few examples of things I have done which I hope will spur your own creative juices to flow and come up with ideas on your own. Of course I am flattered when my ideas are mimicked, however, I know that I am not the sole romantic person on earth. My aim is to bring out the romantic that is inside each of you.

On one Saturday morning while my wife was sleeping in late, I ran a string all through the house, beginning at the location where I hid her gift. The string went through cabinets, under seat cushions, in the bathtub, behind the sofa and throughout all the rooms in the house. Had I been thinking ahead, I would have attached small gifts all along the string as a teaser for the big present at the end. After I ran the string through our home, I brought the other end of the string to my wife in bed and explained that I had bought a present for her and it was at the other end. I had never seen her get out of bed so quickly on a Saturday morning.

Another way in which I like to give presents to my wife is by having her find them. I will write about 7 or so clues which lead from one written clue to the next until the final clue leads to the hidden gift. Sometimes I will even write the clues in form of poetry. He is an example:

With your ear you'll hear
Not the ocean or the sea
But the next clue telling you
Where the treasure trove will be.
(The next clue was inside a conch shell).

If you want to go all out on the "treasure hunt" theme, you can give your spouse a tape in the "Mission Impossible" style giving them their assignment to locate the missing gift. Depending on the time you have and equipment available, you can even include videotaped clues which definitely would add to the overall excitement of the quest.

Once I created a treasure hunt though town which ended in a park where she had to walk certain paces to find where her "treasure" lay. This time it was a picnic that I prepared in advance and asked a friend to lay out for us while we were finding our way there.

There are dozens and dozens of ways in which you can transform the presentation of even an ordinary gift into a truly romantic occasion. Remember, it is the thought that counts. Put some thought into the entire gift giving experience next time.

Michael Webb is the founder of and the best-selling author of The Romantic's Guide and 7 other books.

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