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Low Cost Pet Meds

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Pet Healthcare for Less

Can't Afford Pet Meds

I live on $464 a month and can't afford the price of a vet. My boxer has eye trouble. I took her to the vet twice. He sold me medicine, but her eyes are the same. I can't afford to take her again. I love her so. She is 8 and in fair condition. In South Texas, it will be 80 degrees today. She needs heart worm medicine and I can't afford it. Does anyone have any advice? I am disabled and don't mind going without for her.

College for Affordable Pet Meds

You might try contacting any colleges in the area that have veterinary medicine programs to see if they offer services at a reduced cost. You might also try contacting local shelters. They may offer low-cost or free services if you explain your situation.

Find Rescue for Affordable Pet Meds

I would urge you to contact the nearest Boxer rescue and see if they can help you with the medications and vet expenses your dog needs for his eyes. Also, contact your local pet stores and humane society and ask if they know of any local rescues that might be able to help you with your dog. Many of the rescues in my area (Delaware) will put out the word that there's a dog in need of assistance. At which point, many people come forward to help.
Joan H. of Newark, DE

Frugal Living Tips: Reducing the Cost of Pet Care

Vet Might Provide Low Cost Pet Meds

Contact your vet and explain the situation. My friend did this when she became unemployed and the vet waived his office visit fee and sold her medicine for her dog almost at cost. I think he charged $2 extra per prescription and $3 for shots (to pay for the syringe, etc). Also, he may know the name of a charitable group in your area that will help with pet expenses and/or a rescue organization that may be able to help you. As an aside to other pet owners, consider donating pet food to your local shelter or rescue group if you can afford to do so. Also, old towels and blankets are especially appreciated at your local animal shelter.

Free or Reduced Cost Pet Meds

Bless you for being such a good pet parent. If your pet isn't currently on heartworm medication, she needs to be tested by a vet before restarting the medication. If you give her medication and there are already heartworms present, it can be fatal.

I volunteer with a dog rescue group, and they receive free outdated "Heartguard" heartworm medication from local vets. Apparently, the medication is still good for up to six months after it has supposedly expired. Check with your vet. He may have some that he cannot sell but is willing to give you. They also always need old blankets, sheets and towels for the animals as bedding. If you have some around, maybe they would accept this in trade for the medication/exam you need. They might also be able to work out a payment plan you could afford, both for the medication and office visits.

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Dog food companies are also usually great about giving out coupons. You might call them and see if they have a mailing list for coupons. They usually do and will often send you a high value coupon (sometimes for a free bag of food) just for calling in and telling them you like their product. This would at least help with the cost of food. Some pet supply stores will give away pet food that came in broken or torn bags to rescues. They might be willing to save some for you. Even the medicine manufacturers may have a discounted plan or free coupons, so it wouldn't hurt to contact them.

I have found most vets to be good and kind people. If your normal vet isn't receptive to helping you, contact your local animal rescue groups and explain your situation. They will likely be able to find you help, or direct you to a vet that they use that will discount fees for situations such as yours. Rescue groups are great resources for learning about pet care on a budget.

Online for Low Cost Pet Meds

Many pet medications can be purchased for about half the price through eBay. I buy all of my flea spot treatments through a dealer there. Or call your local Humane Society for ideas on cheaper vet care. Some will provide it and others have vets who will charge a reduced fee, especially for someone disabled.

Save on your pet's medications at 1-800-PetMeds.

Avoid Pet Health Problem

First of all, send the vet a letter and ask for a written explanation of your dog's eye problem. This should be furnished for free. A phone call might work, but be prepared with pen and paper and make sure you understand the diagnosis, especially how it is spelled. Then, go to your local library and ask the librarian to help you find a book on dog care. Check the book out and spend time reading and understanding your dog's problem. Once you understand as much as possible, you will be able to make a decision as to how best help your furry friend.

For example, our dog has ear "allergy." This can cause inflammation and lead to an ear infection. And, an ear infection can be very costly. So, I keep her indoors most days that are windy, cold, or full of pollen. I also keep her ears clean and dry. I clip coupons for the best quality dog food I can get and buy it on sale. Otherwise, she gets treated to a fried egg once or twice a month and an occasional bowl of oatmeal. I really believe the best nutrition possible is a big help. Good luck! Sounds like your dog has a loving home!

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