My Story: Medical Bills

contributed by Amber

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Here is something I learned about dealing with hospitals and insurance companies after my son's birth.

After our son was born, he was diagnosed with seizures, heart murmurs, and apnea. With all the testing and medications, not to mention sleep studies, SIDS monitor rentals, and downloads, we had accumulated over $10,000 worth of medical bills after our insurance paid its portion.

After calling my insurance company, compiling all of his EOBs, and getting a list of our benefits packages, the numbers were just not adding up. I asked for an investigation of the claims, and it turns out that several of the charges billed were in excess of the allowable amounts. This was done through different claims numbers, filing on different dates, and reporting errors. This research had been going on for over a year and was getting very frustrating, not to mention expensive.

Finally, all of the bills were settled and our remaining balance had been written off to just over $1,000. That is over a $9,000 savings. I also asked if the medical offices had a low-income sliding scale to help us pay the remaining balance. All it took was giving the receptionist some information over the phone and we only had to pay just over 40% of that bill!

It is so important to keep detailed information and statements organized and easily accessible. You never know when the bill is going to be outrageous and erroneous. It could end up saving you a good deal of money.

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