Savings In Black and White

by Marianne Giullian

Subscribing to your local newspaper can be a key to great savings. It is worth the investment. It will pay for itself ten-fold or more if you are wise and take full advantage of what it has to offer. I save hundreds of dollars each month by taking advantage of the savings found in the newspaper.

The greatest savings the newspaper offers is the weekly grocery ads. Each Wednesday, when the grocery ads come out, I look at what is on sale and compare prices. I plan my menus around these sale items to save as much as possible. I can save 40 to 60 percent on many items I regularly use.

On Sunday, our local paper includes coupons. I save the coupons and use them when the items go on sale. Between the coupon and sale price, I get great savings. If there is a store in town that offers double-coupons, you will be able to get many things for a fraction of the regular price.

In the summer, school supplies go on sale. The Sunday paper includes ads from superstores who advertise different school supplies as loss leaders. A loss leader is an item that is sold below cost in order to get shoppers to come into the store. They hope that once you are in the store you will buy more than just the items on sale. Be wise and only buy the good bargains and wait for the other things to go on sale.

Newspapers also advertise garage sales. If you enjoy garage sales, you can plan ahead where to go and the best route to take. This will save time as well as gas while you get great bargains.

Sometimes newspapers will have coupons for 20 percent off an item at a store. For example, if you were planning on buying a pair of pants for $25, then you would save $5 using the coupon. I once bought three newspapers and had a couple of people in our family use them to buy what they wanted at the store. The 35 cents for the newspaper was a minute cost compared to the amount we saved through using the coupons. Coupons like that make the newspaper well worth the subscription.

The newspaper can also keep you informed of events in your area. Concerts, movies, etc. are listed in the newspaper. Some performances may be discounted on certain nights and your newspaper is the place to look for these specials.

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When we were looking for a used car, we looked through the classified ads in the newspaper. We saved over $4,000 on the car we bought. That purchase alone will pay for enough newspaper subscriptions to last the rest of our lives.

By wise shopping, I can save as much as I would earn with a part-time job. It takes a couple of hours a week to compare and shop, but it allows me the freedom to stay home with my children. We are able to live comfortably on one income partly because I carefully take advantage of the savings found in the newspaper.

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