My Story: Getting Rid of Acne

contributed by Elisa

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Food doesn't cause acne. Dirt and oil do.

  1. Keep hands and phones away from face. Cheeks and chin are the most acne-prone area from dirt and oil.
  2. Take a makeup break. I used to do this on weekends and holidays where it didn't matter who saw my breakouts.
  3. Wash with a glycerin soap or Ivory Pure three times a day (when you wake up, after work/school, and before bed).
  4. Steam clean every day for a couple weeks, and then at least twice a week, after the afternoon washing. Hold your face over a bowl of steaming hot water for as long as you can stand it or until the steam runs out. Be sure to not get too close, as it can burn! When you take your face away, before the perspiration dries, quickly rinse it off with warm water and a small amount of soap.
  5. Wash with the warm, hot, warm, cold method. Start with warm water to rinse off the immediate oils. Use the soap and then rinse face with hot water, which will open your pores. Next, use warm water and a bit more soap. Keep rinsing with warm water until the soap is gone, and then splash all over with cold water to close the now clean pores again.
  6. Moisturize. If you are under 25, you probably don't need a heavy moisturizer every day. Buy a light day moisturizer, water it down to a runny (but not watery) consistency, and use it morning and night.

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