Problematic Garage Door Opener

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Dear NH,
I have a problem with my Genie Intellicode garage door opener with chain glide. It will open with the transmitter, but it will not close with the transmitter. It will close by holding the wall button, but if I let go of the button, the door stops moving.
MV from Springfield, IL

It sounds like the infrared safety lights near the bottom of the garage door are either blocked or not facing directly at each other.

The purpose of the safety lights is to prevent the garage door from closing if there is a "perceived" obstruction blocking the clear path between the sensors. They are typically mounted within a foot of the floor on either side of the door. Automatic openers have a built-in override to allow you to close the door anyway. Holding the wall button activates the override. This override feature doesn't work with the transmitter, only the wall button.

Perhaps some day garage door openers will be "smart" enough to know the difference between the cat or a bag of groceries and bad aim!

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