Surveys for Cash?

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Surveys for Cash?

I am currently looking for new avenues to earn some extra money. My husband had a business that failed and we are paying down debt. I've heard and visited many sites on taking consumer surveys online. The companies, however, want registration fees. Is there anyone who has truly found success at this? If so, with what company? I have signed up for some "free" sites, but most offer entry into a drawing or pay a mere $2 (and the survey took me a good 15-20 minutes). I know I won't become rich, but earning a little extra would be helpful.
Thank you,
Sandy C.

Find Other Ways to Earn Extra Cash

There are many things to consider when doing a survey. How much time do you want to spend? Why are you doing the surveys? I spent three years doing these online surveys, but I quit when I realized how little I was getting in return.

Sure, there is the lure of doing surveys for big prizes of $200, $500, or $1000. There are also smaller payments, typically up to $5 if you were to qualify for the survey itself. Some give you points for surveys and you qualify for a pool of prizes based on your accumulated points.

While the lure of the money might sound good, consider this. In my three years of doing these surveys, I earned about $600. This included two big checks that I won from the drawings for the surveys. They were for $100 and $300. The rest of my earnings were smaller prizes or the small cash added up for the surveys for which I qualified.

Wow! A $300 check! But wait. At what cost? Let's add it up. During the three-year period in which I did surveys, I put in three hours a night about three to four times a week.

3 hours X 3.5 times a week = 10.5 hours per week
10.5 hours X 50 weeks a year not including vacation time) = 525 hours
525 hours X 3 years = 1575 hours
$500 in 1575 hours = $.317 per hour

In my case, that's less than 32 cents per hour for three years. A minimum wage job at $5.15 suddenly sounds more attractive.

Is it really worth your time, hard work, and efforts to labor over questionnaire after questionnaire for roughly 36 cents an hour? You'll probably eat up that 36 cents in energy costs and think of the time that you're wasting.

Surveys can be fun, but after my three years, it felt like I was being used. There are much better ways to earn money than to do the surveys.
Hank Y

Don't Waste Your Time with Surveys for Cash

No, there are no surveys that pay a substantial amount of money. I am on disability retirement and have been searching for them. I even paid $29.95 to a company that guaranteed that I could earn real money. A local station had a reporter take various surveys from that list. She worked 40 hours a week for a month and received a check for $15. Talk about slave labor!
Joyce in Parma Hts., Ohio

You Won't Find Big Money with Surveys for Cash

I've been doing surveys for about three months now. I signed up with literally hundreds of survey sites. So far, I've probably made about $20 per month. The most profitable thing I've seen so far are some focus groups I signed up for that pay between $50 to $125 for a few hours. This is certainly not a way to make a lot of extra money in my opinion and experience.

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