My Story: Bathroom Tips

contributed by Beth

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To avoid constant bathtub cleaning, squirt in a bit of dishwashing liquid, like Palmolive or Dawn, every time you bathe. We like the fragrant varieties, but any old brand will do. We keep ours under the vanity and squirt when we put in the plug.

Never use bath oil in your tub, which always clings to the sides of the tub and glues the dirt to it! It is also a major cause of clogged drains, causing hair to cling to the inside of your pipes. If you like bath oil, always put it directly on your skin after the bath!

Leave soap bars unwrapped and exposed to fresh air for at least six months. The longer the better. The manufacturers wrap individual bars tightly in plastic and then box them tightly. Then, they wrap all the little boxes together in plastic again. Why? To keep them soft, crumbly and moist, so they'll melt like sugar cubes in hot coffee!

Don't waste your money on sachets or other closet and drawer fresheners. Use your aging soap bars instead. To do that, unwrap the soap as soon as you get it home. We buy huge packages of a dozen bars or more, and wrap each bar up in cloth, such as handtowels, hankies, cloth napkins, etc. with an elastic band or pretty ribbon or cord around it to keep each bar clean.

Chips of soap that are too small to use were a problem for us before we got Bath Lilies. Those are those puffy balls of netting bunched up and tied with a cord that you can use when you shower or bathe that makes the soap foam and bubble like crazy. Chips of soap can be fed several inches into the ruffles through the ends of the net tubing gathered together to make these Lilies. With the soap chips always inside the Lily, it automatically foams and bubbles voluminously without having to add soap or gel. This is so popular at our house that lately I have been chopping up regular bars of soap to use inside the Lilies. Each family member has a different colored Lily. And they never get gunky because we hang up them up by their cords, like soap-on-a-rope, after each use.

And talking about Bath Lilies, I always had a hard time feeling the cord among the folds with it all soapy and my eyes closed tight, midshower. That was until I sewed a big button onto the end of the cord. Now it's as easy as can be.

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