Retirement Rollovers

Retirement Plan Rollovers

Where can I find someone to rollover all of my 401(k)s, 401(a)s, 403(b)s, etc. into one plan? I can't figure it out.

Check with Your Credit Union About Retirement Plan Rollover

Do you belong to a credit union? Do they offer financial advisor service? Mine does and I cannot tell you how pleased I am with what they did for my family. After looking over our financial situation, the advisor offered several options to invest my pre-marriage retirement savings (IRA and 403b) into a plan that matches our values and savings goals. And, he helped me with all the paperwork, too! I have been with this credit union for 15 years and the service has always been tremendous!
Anne P.

Talk to the Professionals About Retirement Plan Rollover

Your reader can contact any certified financial planner, any bank or brokerage firm that handles Traditional IRA accounts or you can contact the Society Of Actuaries. They can provide you with a name of someone in your area. The number is (847)706-3500.

Seek Referrals About Retirement Plan Rollover

I work at an investment firm as a sales assistant to four brokers. There are good honest people in this business that care about people and want their clients' money to be safe and grow. Ask people at your church or other friends if they can recommend someone. The brokers in my office like referrals. Your plans can all roll over into a Rollover IRA. Put it into some good funds and don't touch it until retirement.

If you are retired, your investment representative can help you. Write down your questions. If you happen to go to someone who says you must do this or that and it doesn't feel right, tell him you will think about what he said. Check with the Better Business Bureau in your area.
Ellen M

Check with Fidelity About Retirement Plan Rollover

I would call Fidelity Investments or go to for more information. They are very helpful and this is the company we have used for years for all kinds of investments.

Look for Endorsement

Go to and click on the "Endorsed Local Providers" box. It will ask you questions about where you live, etc. and then suggest a list of local professionals that can assist you.
Glenna in Broken Arrow, OK

Reader likes Edward Jones

My husband had the same problem, and he found a local Edward Jones office that made the entire process quite simple. We now have all of his retirement dollars in one place with the exception of the plan at his current employer. We receive an easy-to-read monthly statement. You can find your local office on their website at

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