Kids and Holiday Decorating

by Kathy Wilson

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What fun would the holidays be if you didn't include those precious kids in the decorating? Sometimes, it can be hard to find projects that they can easily do with you, yet still fit into your decor. Here are some great ideas for easy decorating with your little ones, without breaking the bank.

Don't underestimate the tried-and-true paper snowflakes. This project can keep kids busy for hours, and you might want to try your hand at it as well. Instead of taping them to the front window this year, make them a huge part of your décor. Hang them from thread (Mom or Dad should do this part with a needle) from your chandelier, your doorways, and from the underside of shelving. Mass them on a special mini tree on the kitchen counter. (Make mini snowflakes!) Overlap them all along the frame edge of a mirror or piece of artwork. (Use poster putty. It's sold in the office supply section.) Let the magic of winter become fantasy for them with this simple, elegant craft. Overdo it! That's what makes it magical. You can find easy directions for making paper snowflakes at Try also using old giftwrap or tissue paper as well.

Let them invite their favorite stuffed animals to be part of the celebration. Make your family room a Toyland theme, and let your kids bring down all their stuffed toys for the special privilege of waiting for Santa. Help them dress their special guests with big wire edge ribbon bows, and let them take turns finding a special place for each tucked into a shelf or the mantel where they can wait patiently for the big man on Christmas Eve. (Don't worry, these friends will keep the secrets!)

Make salt dough ornaments. You can whip up a batch and let the kids roll out the dough and cut them with cookie cutters, or create small shapes and sculptures all on their own. It will keep them busy while you get the more complicated decorating done, and they will be treasures you keep for years. (As an added bonus, they will keep them busy the next day as well after they are dry, while they paint them!) An easy recipe is one that uses supplies already in your cupboard.

1 cup salt
1 cup flour
About 1/2 cup water

Knead dough until non-sticky and elastic and store in plastic wrap. Bake items in 200 degree F oven one to three hours until thoroughly dry and check often.

That's it. Enjoy these great ways to involve the kids, and you don't even have to head to the craft store. These types of activities will create memories that will make your home warm, welcoming, and decorated with the soul of the house, your loved ones.

Kathy Wilson is an author, columnist, and editor of several popular websites including The Budget Decorator and Decorating Your Small Space. For hundreds of free home decorating ideas visit her now at or

Take the Next Step:

  • Get the kids and tell them the news; their fluffy friends get to wait on Santa!
  • Let the kids help you Wrap It for Less! too!
  • >Make memories! The best memories are made in time spent together, not the gifts under the tree.

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